RAD 2022 NH Voting Guide

The November 8th election is just around the corner. It’s time to get ready for Election Day! Check out your RAD 2022 New Hampshire Voting Guide, with the list of 56 candidates who RAD’s members and leaders voted to endorse this election cycle based on their alignment with our values and vision.

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Leading into 2022

This February, we are celebrating leadership across our movement. We’re seeing mounting interest in running for local office and grassroots organizing in both states, and we are excited to keep growing the work of our Grassroots Leadership Academy to support, educate, and motivate movement leaders.

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Tell Governor Sununu: Defend Our Democracy, Protect Our Elections & Save Our Court!

We are in a troubling time, and the future of our democracy is at stake. We are headed into a historic election that will shape our communities and impact our rights for years to come, and we are simultaneously facing a right-wing attempt to rush through the confirmation of an anti-choice, climate science questioning Supreme Court nominee.

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