Tell Governor Sununu: Defend Our Democracy, Protect Our Elections & Save Our Court!



We are in a troubling time, and the future of our democracy is at stake. We are headed into a historic election that will shape our communities and impact our rights for years to come, and we are simultaneously facing a right-wing attempt to rush through the confirmation of an anti-choice, climate science questioning Supreme Court nominee. While we hope to celebrate victory on November 4th, history and these long months of uncertainty have taught us that we must begin preparing and taking action now to ensure a fair election and protect our democracy. 

One of the avenues at our disposal is to pressure our state leaders to publicly commit to using the power of their position to protect the safety, votes, bodily integrity, and human rights of our communities – the people they represent and are accountable to. In that spirit, we have drafted the below letter calling on Governor Chris Sununu to actively oppose the Barrett confirmation and any attempt by Trump to provoke violence, stoke confusion or deny the election results. Please add your name to the petition and share widely!