Education Justice

Safe and equitable public schools for all Vermont students

Strong public schools are a foundation of a strong multiracial democracy. Across race, geography, and economic background, all Vermont youth deserve a high-quality, fully-funded, equitable, and honest public education within a safe learning environment. As certain powerful interests seek to silence critical dialogue, divide our communities, and undermine our public schools, we must come together to win a future in which all Vermont students can thrive. Will you join us?


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Community Schools

Do you want to be part of building schools that offer culturally-relevant and student-centered curricula; restorative justice practices; social and emotional learning; wrap-around supports; and transformative community engagement? Sign up to receive a toolkit to help you get started.

Income Tax-Based Funding

By changing our public education funding structure, we can make sure that our schools are equitably resourced, while ensuring that all Vermonters pay their fair share and that the burden doesn’t fall on working class families.

Community Organizing around Education

In the face of efforts to prohibit teaching systemic racism and sexism, we are organizing our communities to deepen institutional commitments to honest, inclusive, and high-quality education, and bolster equity in our schools. This work is affiliated with the national H.E.A.L. Together Initiative.

Police Free Schools

The data shows that the presence of School Resource Officers has a disproportionately harmful impact on Black and brown students and students with disabilities. We are working to ensure our schools put students’ needs first and make them feel safe, not criminalized.

Join the fight for education justice in Vermont!

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We envision a future in which:

✔️ All students have access to an honest, inclusive, culturally-responsive and high-quality education.
✔️ Our public schools are one thriving part of a just, multiracial democracy that works for everyone.
✔️ All students can feel safe in school and are not criminalized in their educational environment.
✔️ All public schools have the resources to hire and retain enough educators and fully support the needs of all students.

Will you join us in fighting for this vision?