Education Justice

Safe, equitable, student-centered public schools for all Vermonters

Strong public schools are a foundation of a strong multiracial democracy. All Vermont youth deserve a high-quality, fully-funded, equitable, and honest public education within a safe learning environment, but we have a long way to go. As across the nation and within our state, certain extreme interests seek to silence critical dialogue, divide us, and undermine our public schools, we must come together to win a future in which all Vermont students can thrive. Will you join us?

With partners around the state, we are currently working to advance:

  • Community Schools that offer wraparound supports
  • An income tax-based funding structure to ensure equitable and progressive funding
  • School Boards that are responsive to the needs of all students
  • Police-free schools
  • Community organizing around education, in connection with the national H.E.A.L. Together Initiative of our partners at Race Forward

Visit the campaign page of our 501(c)(3) sister organization Rights & Democracy Institute to learn more and get involved with our work for education justice in Vermont: