Climate Justice

A just transition to a livable future

We all deserve clean air and water, and the ability to heat our homes, keep the lights on, and get where we need to go without worrying about the bill. Instead, corporate polluters and certain greedy politicians continue to put our communities at risk while making us pay their bills, and Black, brown, Indigenous, and lower-income Granite Staters are impacted the most.

By coming together, we can transform New Hampshire’s energy systems, create green jobs with good pay, and ensure that Granite Staters most harmed by the status quo are centered in defining the way forward. Will you join us?


Stop Utility Rate Hikes

In summer 2022, the NH Public Utilities Commission (PUC) approved the utility companies Eversource, Liberty, and Unitil for huge price increases. These increases were facilitated by New Hampshire’s overreliance on fracked gas and political failure to invest in renewable energy or protect people from extreme rate hikes.

Have you been impacted by these increases? Together, we can do something about it. Share your experiences here, and sign up to get involved in this campaign!