Housing Justice

Safe and affordable housing for all

No matter what zip code we are in or how much money we make, we all deserve a safe and stable place to live. But as housing prices surge across New Hampshire, corporate landlords and certain politicians continue to show a disregard for renters, houseless communities, and struggling homeowners alike. Now is the time to build tenant power, strengthen housing rights from the local to the federal level, and win guaranteed housing for all so that our communities can flourish. Will you join us?


Granite State Tenants Association

Granite State Tenants Association is a collective of tenants who are building tenant power and rights across New Hampshire. Are you a New Hampshire tenant? Learn more and join us!

Homes Guarantee

Alongside our national partners at People’s Action, we are demanding a Homes Guarantee. Learn more about the national campaign here. 

We are building momentum to win guaranteed affordable, safe, and equitable housing for all Granite Staters. Add your name below to join the fight!