Housing Justice

Safe and affordable housing for all

As housing and utility costs spiral upward and certain landlords seek to evict working tenants so that they can hike rents for profit, we must come together to fight for safe, affordable housing for all Vermonters. 

With coalition partners, RAD is working to expand housing access, strengthen tenants’ rights, and ensure weatherization services are available to everyone – including renters. Join us!


Just Cause Eviction (JCE)

Just Cause Eviction policies protect tenants from arbitrary evictions by requiring landlords to have a legal justification for evicting a tenant. This keeps renters securely in their homes while creating more equitable housing access and safeguarding against racial discrimination.

In 2022, we came within one vote of winning a Just Cause Eviction charter change in Burlington. We are now expanding this campaign to municipalities around Vermont.

Weatherization at Scale

We support modernizing, weatherizing, and using green technologies such as solar panels and other “retrofits” to make Vermont housing more energy efficient while ensuring that these benefits are available to lower-income Vermonters and tenants.

Housing For All

As part of the Housing for All Coalition, we are developing a slate of policies to advance equitable and stable housing access throughout Vermont. 

Funding the Land Access and Opportunity Board

The Land Access and Opportunity Board (“the Board”) was created under Section 22 of Act 182 of 2022 to engage with Vermont organizations working on housing equity and land access “to recommend new opportunities and improve access to woodlands, farmland, and land and home ownership for Vermonters from historically marginalized or disadvantaged communities who continue to face barriers to land and home ownership.” 

RAD is advocating for appropriation of funding to the Board for its operations and for the programs it recommends, in order to strengthen its ongoing work for housing and land equity.

Learn more about the Land Access and Opportunity Board

Read the “Sunrise Report” relative to the Board’s work in FY24 | Read the 2-page summary

We are building momentum to win guaranteed affordable, safe, and equitable housing for all Vermonters. Add your name below to join the fight!