Healthcare Justice

Quality, universal healthcare that puts people first

Across age, income, race, and gender, all New Hampshire residents deserve quality healthcare that meets our needs and enables us to live our fullest lives. But certain status quo politicians, insurance providers, and pharmaceutical corporations are profiting off of our pain and denying us the care we need. This isn’t right, and together, we can do something about it. Join the fight to reveal and disrupt claims denials, expand and strengthen Medicaid, win lower prescription drug prices, and work toward a universal, single-payer healthcare system that puts people’s lives before profits. 


Care Over Cost

While millions of us face worsening access to care and struggle under medical debt, powerful health insurers continue to raise premiums and deny claims. In New Hampshire, nearly 1 in 3 health insurance claims are denied every year – about twice the national average. It’s time to fight back.

Strengthen and Expand Medicaid

Medicaid is a critical lifeline for many Granite Staters, but administrative barriers and gaps in coverage continue to create challenges. Alongside national partners, we are learning about Medicaid experiences in our communities and using what we learn to fight for stronger and expanded Medicaid coverage in New Hampshire and beyond.

Read the 2023 brief about New Hampshire Medicaid experiences:

Read the 2022 brief about New Hampshire Medicaid barriers


Add your name to join the fight to push back against corporate greed and advance the work for a public, universal healthcare program that provides coverage for everyone and includes dental, vision, hearing, and harm reduction services. 

Will you join us?