RAD 2022 New Hampshire Primary Day Wins


We are fired up by the results of New Hampshire’s September 13th Primary!

Of RAD’s endorsed candidates with contested primary races, 17 won and will be on our ballots in November, alongside our full slate of endorsed candidates

Among the winners are core RAD leaders and allies, including Jonah Wheeler and Alissandra Murray; champions who won tightly contested races, including Christine Seibert, Robin Vogt, and Luz Bay; and candidates who won by an incredible margin, including Erica de Vries and Shaun Filiault.

As we work toward a State Legislature that more truly represents our communities, across race, class, gender, and geography, with elected leaders who are committed to fighting alongside our movement for the changes we need, we are thrilled by what these wins mean for New Hampshire.

Without further ado, let’s celebrate the candidates!

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Shaun Filiault, State Rep, Cheshire 7
Amanda Elizabeth Toll, State Rep, Cheshire 15
Renée Monteil, State Rep, Cheshire 15

Alissandra Murray, State Rep, Hillsborough 20
Christine Seibert, State Rep, Hillsborough 21
Curt DeVetter, State Rep, Hillsborough 29
Jonah Wheeler, State Rep, Hillsborough 33

Ellen Read, State Rep, Rockingham 10
Robin Vogt, State Rep, Rockingham 21
Neil Misra, State Rep, Rockingham 25
Bonnie Wright, State Rep, Rockingham 25
Erica de Vries, State Rep, Rockingham 40

Cam Kenney, Strafford 10
Loren Selig, Strafford 10
Timothy Horrigan, Strafford 10
Jerry Minihan, Strafford 19
Luz Bay, State Rep, Strafford 21

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Many congratulations to this dynamic slate of movement candidates! To our candidates whose vote count fell short: we are deeply grateful for the time and energy you poured into your campaigns, and for your ongoing leadership in this movement. We need you in this fight with us. 

And finally — thank you so much to all RAD supporters who showed up in the lead-up to the primaries and got out to vote. We did this together: with some races coming down to a margin of just four votes, every phone call, door knocked, and ballot submitted counted.

Now it’s time to ride this momentum all the way through to November 8th!