New Hampshire Renews

Fighting together for a just New Hampshire

A better world isn’t just possible, it’s necessary – and it starts with us.

To address the overlapping crises we face – unemployment, the COVID pandemic, climate change, and racial injustice – Rights & Democracy co-founded the Renew New England Alliance, a multi-racial, regional coalition of more than 150 organizations across six states, working to advance a bold policy agenda grounded in a just transition to a regenerative economy.

Here in the Granite State, RAD is the anchor organization for Renews affiliate state coalition, New Hampshire Renews. Together, we are building a powerful grassroots movement to reimagine New Hampshire from the ground up and win a future in which every Granite Stater – Black, brown, and white, Indigenous and immigrant – has a dignified, well-paying job; a safe, affordable home; enough food; and clean air and water. Join us!

Our Jobs Guarantee

The core of our plan is a Jobs Guarantee, which will ensure that everyone who wants a job will have one and that all jobs created will meet or exceed the prevailing wage, paying no less than $15 per hour, with strong union protections and a full range of benefits. 

The Jobs Guarantee will support local, small businesses and create new public employment initiatives designed to modernize our region’s infrastructure while ensuring that everyone’s basic needs are met in the areas of housing, healthcare, food, energy, transportation, and clean air and water.

Learn more about RAD’s Work on these Issues

Climate Justice

We all deserve clean air, water, and green spaces. We are fighting to transform New Hampshire’s energy systems and ensure that the most-impacted communities are centered on all climate solutions.

Housing Justice

Every Granite Stater needs safe and affordable housing. We seek to build tenant power, strengthen tenants’ rights, and expand housing access while working toward guaranteed housing for all.