Meet RAD’s 2022 NH Endorsed Candidates!


We are so excited that RAD members have voted to endorse a slate of 57 candidates for the 2022 New Hampshire elections!

As part of the process to reach RAD’s endorsement, candidates completed a questionnaire outlining their perspective on key issue areas impacting New Hampshire. These responses were reviewed by an internal committee before candidates were included in an online voting process available to all RAD members in the state.

These movement champions are leaders on housing justice, climate action that centers on equity, inclusive fully-resourced public education, and so much more. We look forward to fighting alongside them for the change our communities need.

The 2022 endorsements are part of RAD’s ongoing work to support and elect a new generation of leaders who are committed to advancing human rights and building a democracy in which the values and needs of New Hampshire communities guide the policies of our government. This work is particularly urgent in a critical election year, with our state recently identified as having the highest representation of state legislators in far-right Facebook groups.

To learn more about our endorsement process visit our Movement Politics page.

And now, meet the candidates!


Shoshanna Kelly, District 5


David Watters, District 4
Suzanne Prentiss, District 5
Ruth Larson, District 6
Bobby Williams, District 10
Melanie Levesque, District 12
Rebecca Perkins Kwoka, District 21
Wayne Haubner, District 22


Eric Hoffman, Belknap 5
Dana Hackett, Belknap 6
Carrie Duran, Carroll 6
Nicholas Germana, Cheshire 1
Jodi Newell, Cheshire 4
Shaun Filiault, Cheshire 7
Lucius Parshall, Cheshire 8
Natalie Quevedo, Cheshire 11
Amanda Elizabeth Toll, Cheshire 15
Renée Monteil, Cheshire 15
Renee Murphy, Cheshire 17
Jeffrey Dickler, Cheshire 18
Suzy Colt, Coos 4
Jordan Applewhite, Grafton 1
Jared Sullivan, Grafton 2
Heather Baldwin, Grafton 4
Taylor Largmann, Grafton 10
Joshua Adjutant, Grafton 16
Catherine Sofikitis, Hillsborough 7
Wendy Thomas, Hillsborough 12
Brandon Lemay, Hillsborough 15
Maxine Mosley, Hillsborough 16
Alissandra Murray, Hillsborough 20
Christine Seibert, Hillsborough 21
Nicole Leapley, Hillsborough 22
Curt DeVetter, Hillsborough 29
Jonah Wheeler, Hillsborough 33
Kathleen Martins, Merrimack 10
James Roesener, Merrimack 22
Rebecca McWilliams, Merrimack 30
Hal Rafter, Rockingham 1
Ellen Read, Rockingham 10
Elle Gallo, Rockingham 13
Michelle Moge, Rockingham 13
Robin Vogt, Rockingham 21
Neil Misra, Rockingham 25
Bonnie Wright, Rockingham 25
Erica de Vries, Rockingham 40
Emmanuel Krasner, Strafford 1
Heath Howard, Strafford 4
Matthew Towne, Strafford 4
Kathleen Cavalaro, Strafford 6
Cam Kenney, Strafford 10
Loren Selig, Strafford 10
Timothy Horrigan, Strafford 10
Jerry Minihan, Strafford 19
Luz Bay, Strafford 21


Terry Clark, Cheshire 2
Julie Radhakrishnan, Hillsborough 3