Are you RAD?


We’re on our way!

It’s People Power Week here at Rights & Democracy and hopefully, you’ve heard from one of our members, leaders, or staff on why it’s important – now, more than ever – to join RAD and support our important work in communities across Vermont.

Whether your issue is public education, expanding health care for all, a clean environment, livable wages, or workers’ rights – there is a home in our organization for you and your voice. Do you want to be RAD?

Yes, I wanna be RAD!

In the past year, we’ve had some huge victories and with your voice, and your support, we can bring even more change to your community.

So far we’ve successfully added dozens of new members, connected with dozens more but are off to a slow start in meeting our goal of $50,000. So, we’ve extended our fundraising week to include next week, too.

If you’d like to help us reach out to your friends, family, and neighbors by becoming a RAD PowerBuilder click here and someone will be in touch! 

If you haven’t donated yet, here’s how you can join and sign up to be a sustaining member. 

In Power,

Alison Nihart & Amy Hathaway, co-chairs, Board of Directors

Rights & Democracy