Rights & Democracy Statement in Solidarity with Dartmouth Student Workers


Rights & Democracy stands in solidarity with Dartmouth student workers who are seeking to unionize. We believe that to truly advocate for students’ rights and fair wages, students should be able to have a recognized union. This current effort is closely aligned with our vision for a society where all people earn a livable wage, and our work for a more truly democratic and just society. 

Some students have noted that Dartmouth is not meeting students’ rights under the current status quo of having no union. They claim that $11.50 an hour is not enough, and that they deserve livable wages, which studies show is currently $13.18 for single adults in Grafton, or at least comparable wages to other employees working in Hanover. A union would support students in winning not only fair wages, but also paid time off, sick days, and personal days. 

Rights & Democracy strongly recommends that Dartmouth President Phil Hanlon support student wishes, by accepting the student unionization process. This would show recognition of the need to strengthen student worker rights and demonstrate the college’s support for commonsense practices to ensure the overall wellbeing of their students.

See here and here for additional context.