RAD’s Statement On Kiah Morris’ Case & Racism in Vermont


Rights & Democracy stands in strong support of Kiah Morris and her family in the aftermath of a grueling two-year investigation into the hate and racism they experienced in Bennington. We are deeply disappointed and troubled by the state of Vermont’s handling of her case, which has only served to demonstrate how the systemic racism embedded in our institutions continues to oppress BIPOC identities seeking justice in Vermont and across New England. 

Kiah Morris and her family deserve closure to this terrible experience. We urge Vermont to do the right thing and compensate Kiah and her family for the hardship and distress that has been a direct result of this experience, including lawyers fees, moving costs, security measures for Kiah and her family that they continue to need. 

We recognize that Kiah’s case extends beyond her to all BIPOC identities who suffer at the hands of racism and oppression in Vermont and across the country. We rededicate ourselves to the work of ensuring these experiences are lifted up and receive the justice they deserve.