It’s May! Worker Solidarity, Ian Haney López, and more…

Kate Logan, Director of Programming and Policy, speaking at May Day in Montpelier.

RAD in the Media

On this month’s Brave Little State, Kiah Morris and former RAD-endorsed candidate, Matthew LeFluer discussed the “benefits cliff” in Vermont.

   Credit: Kristin Lafiln

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In Case You
Missed It.... 

As usual, we were busy in April, and it showed. Here’s your monthly glimpse into our social media bonanza…

RAD + families wore red in solidarity with teachers in their pension fight!

We called on Sen. Leahy to support the THRIVE Act, introduced on April 28th.

Don’t miss Kiah’s testimony on behalf of HB 273, the BIPOC Land Access and Opportunity Act.

With the warm weather rolling in and more vaccines rolling out, (We’re number one, Vermont!), we were thrilled to kick off this month with long-awaited, live in-person events for May Day. Along with hundreds of attendees, we joined with other grassroots labor, environmental and community organizations to stand in solidarity with workers at a rally on the State House lawn in Montpelier.

Amid rousing speeches (including RAD’s own Kate Logan and Kiah Morris) and great music, it was exhilarating to see so many familiar faces not in a Zoom meeting – some RAD staff were actually meeting for the first time in real life! If you could not make it out to the rally, you can still catch a video of the speakers here or news coverage of the rally here.

Following the rally, we then car caravaned and reconvened in front of Hannaford’s Supermarket to support dairy workers in the Milk with Dignity campaign along with Migrant Justice and other allied organizations.

We have a lot happening this month – and there is never any shortage of work to be done, but this May Day was a hopeful way to usher in the next phase of our work and the beginnings of life beyond the pandemic. We look forward to seeing more of everyone soon.

In solidarity,

Dan Fingas

Vermont Organizing Director


This past Thursday at 6:30pm, we were excited to co-host this important and timely event with RAD leader and Vermont State Rep. Tanya Vyhovsky and public pensions and capital markets expert Matthew Cunningham Cook  as they discussed the attack on pensions that is fueled by Wall Street and the current state of the fight to save public pensions in Vermont. Watch the Facebook Live recording here.


Our movement needs champions to step up and run for office. Coming up this month – more local candidate trainings! Our How to Run & Win series has proven its effectiveness time and again for progressive candidates across Vermont and New Hampshire seeking local office. Join us for May’s How to Run & Win Local Candidate Training! This event is open to anyone interested in running for office.


Wow – what a talk! On Tuesday, author and professor Ian López, joined our Movement Politics Directors, Kiah and Asma, for a conversation on race, how it has been weaponized in this country, and how we build a strong race-class narrative to unite us and get us closer to a thriving multi racial democracy. This is a must see and you can watch it here.


Teachers have a demanding job in the best of times. The pandemic thrust them into roles that forced them to double as both educators and community linchpins, all while facing previously unimagined challenges and assuming risk as frontline workers. May 3-9 is Teacher Appreciation Week. Let’s show our gratitude by ensuring their pensions remain intact and untouched. Sign the petition today!