Primary Report Card: Grading the Candidates’ Climate Plans


The climate emergency is the issue mobilizing thousands of people – especially younger and first-time voters – to the polls on Feb. 11th in New Hampshire.

So, how do the leading Democratic presidential candidates’ plans compare? Whose ideas make the grade?

The Keep It In the Ground Coalition put their plans to the test and graded the plans of Sens. Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders, along with former Vice President Joe Biden and former Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

The full results can be found here.

The Keep It In the Ground Coalition has been publicly urging presidential candidates at rallies and ropelines to take the climate emergency seriously and not just provide empty promises, but live up to the challenge that is demanded of them.

“The fossil fuel industry has no interest in ending oil and gas production until they’ve extracted every last bit of carbon from our earth. And they’re prepared to buy our elections in order to continue business as usual, said Giselle Hart, of the Keep it in the Ground Coalition. “We need a presidential candidate who will stand up to this industry, keep fossil fuels in the ground, and end their corrupt influence in our democracy.”

The next president needs to end U.S. fossil fuel production, consumption, and exportation, while at the same time hold fossil fuel polluters accountable.

By taking swift action we can ensure a future where everyone shares in the benefits and rewards—people living in the shadows of our toxic fossil fuel legacy, workers, and future generations who will know a cleaner, more livable planet.

We graded the candidates on our four “no excuse” actions to take upon being elected. They are:

  • Prevent all new fossil fuel infrastructure and the extraction of oil and gas.
  • Phase out existing oil and gas production, with a planned, managed decline.
  • Promote a just and fair transition for impacted communities and workers.
  • Hold fossil fuel companies legally accountable for their role in causing the climate crisis.

Click here for more information about the Keep it in the Ground campaign and how you can get involved.