Our Future, Our Debate


The country’s eyes are now turned toward New Hampshire for the first in the nation primary, preceded by this Friday’s presidential debate in Manchester.

While the climate crisis worsens, the previous debates have failed to show us what the presidential candidates would do to fight the climate crisis and ensure clean air, water, and a livable climate for all of us. 

The Democratic National Committee has refused to have a climate debate, and the moderators have failed to make climate a priority in the debates. They have even dismissed candidates talking about climate as it relates to other issues. Our future is at stake and we need climate to be at the forefront of the discussion. Not all of the candidates have made commitments to keep fossil fuels in the ground and ban further fracking and coal mining operations to transition us to 100 percent renewable energy by 2030. This is about the state of our future, and our concerns are failing to be at the center of the debates.

Help us make sure our voices are heard before this next debate.

Share YOUR climate story. Why is it important to you that the candidates get a chance to talk about the climate crisis? What question do you want the moderators to ask? Share your video or statement on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with #OurFutureOurDebate to tell us how the climate crisis has impacted your life.

You can see what we’ve been working on with our Keep it in the Ground campaign and how we graded each of the candidates’ climate plans if you want some inspiration.

This is #OurFutureOurDebate and we need to let our voices be heard across social media. Go to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and post your story. See below for other hashtags and people and organizations to tag if you’re on social media – especially Twitter.

Let’s raise our voices and make sure New Hampshire is THE state where we make it known that how candidates will deal with the climate crisis matters.

Here are hashtags to use with social media posts:

#nhpolitics (especially if you live in NH)
#FITN (first in the nation)
Here are the Twitter accounts you can also include in any post:

@WMUR9 or @WMUR9_Politics
@ABC (this is ABC news) or @ABCPolitics
@ThisWeekABC (Stephanoloulos’s show) or @ABCWorldNews (Muir’s show)