Mitch Greenwald Earns RAD & MPA Endorsement in Keene Mayoral Race


In an overwhelming show of support, Mitch Greenwald has won the co-endorsement of the Monadnock Progressive Alliance (MPA) and Rights & Democracy (RAD) in the Keene mayoral race.

Using an online voting process, Mitch received an overwhelming 85 percent of the vote of MPA and RAD members from the two grassroots organizations. MPA is an affiliate of RAD.

“We thank all of you who took the time to vote and to share your perspective. Most of your comments painted a similar picture and reflected Mitch’s authenticity, his history and commitment to the region,” said Andrea Polizos of MPA. 

“Several of you noted that Mitch is generally supportive of progressive positions and that his values, as exemplified by a long voting record, are most closely aligned with the shared values of those of the MPA and RAD members and supporters,” added Amy Hathaway, who is both a leader of MPA and the co-chair of RAD’s Board of Directors.

MPA and RAD members said that Mitch has a proven track record as a city councilor, including an authentic commitment to diversity and inclusion, and prioritizing efforts to protect the community from gun violence. He was also commended for installing solar power on his rental buildings.

MPA and RAD members will canvass Keene voters on Wednesday, Oct. 30th and Saturday, November 2nd, along with members of NexGen and the NH Youth Movement. More details here