Endorsed! Joyce Craig for Mayor in Manchester election


Incumbent Joyce Craig has won the endorsement Rights & Democracy (RAD) in the Manchester mayoral race.

Rights & Democracy New Hampshire leaders enthusiastically endorsed Craig thanks to her proven commitment to strengthening public education, investing in clean and public transportation, as well as creating an inclusive community that is welcoming to all.

“Joyce is my choice because as a fellow lifelong Manchester resident, I feel that she knows the growing pains that our city has been through and she believes in all of its possibilities,” said RAD member and Manchester leader Vanessa Blais.

RAD_endorsed_logo.pngCraig has also helped to decrease opioid deaths in the city, stopped the closure of a public library, helped to bring hundreds of new jobs to the community, and more.

Craig sought RAD’s endorsement, “because of the work you do advocating for issues that affect the lives of Manchester residents everyday– on education, clean energy, protecting voting rights, and more. Our community is stronger because of the engaged groups of community members working to make our city a better place.”

In response to a RAD questionnaire, Craig also reaffirmed her support for raising the state’s minimum wage, supporting a just and clean energy transition by 2050, and supporting workers’ rights to collectively bargain.

In addition to continuing to work on the issues listed above, Craig told RAD leaders that she plans to working to address homelessness in Manchester. That includes taking an approach that looks at the causes of homelessness and how we can address them.