Meet RAD’s 2020 Early Candidate Endorsements!


So far, 2020 is proving to be a year of tumultuous and uncertain times.

We are reminded almost daily of how much is at stake in the upcoming elections. From municipal boards to the presidency, we need movement champions in office at every level of government, who will advocate for the change we so desperately need and give voice to those who have been excluded from decision-making spaces and who are most impacted by the multitude of crises confronting us.

RAD is steadily advancing Movement Politics by identifying grassroots, movement-aligned candidates, providing leadership training for those who are considering running for office, and holding forums for our members and the public to engage with progressive candidates on their platforms and visions for the future.

RAD is endorsing a slate of sixteen candidates for the 2020 elections. The candidates were voted on by RAD’s Board of Directors to demonstrate support for those who have been leaders in our movement and longtime champions of key legislative issues such as paid family and medical leave, liveable wage, and racial equity. In addition, this year’s early endorsed candidates have joined RAD in its vision to rebuild and renew our state by:

1. developing thriving, equitable and sustainable local economies that center the priorities of workers and frontline communities and create good-paying, unionized jobs;

2. building a zero-carbon energy sector by 2030 and zero-carbon building and transportation sectors by 2040

3. enacting reforms that make government more inclusive of and accountable to the communities it serves.

“It is essential that those who seek elected office are ready and willing to do the difficult work of elevating social justice and equity in Vermont. RAD endorsees are candidates who are rooted in political courage and a commitment to advocacy and implementation of needed policy reform to achieve those aims” said Kiah Morris, RAD’s Vermont Movement Politics Director. “These candidates have proven their alignment with our vision of governance and we are proud to lift them up.”

Here is the full list of endorsed candidates:

State House Candidates

  • Mari Cordes – Addison 4
  • Jubilee McGill – Addison 5
  • Barbara Wilson – Addison Rutland
  • Chip Troiano – Caledonia 2
  • Bob Hooper – Chittenden 6-1
  • Brian Cina – Chittenden 6-4
  • Selene Colburn – Chittenden 6-4
  • Tanya Vyhovsky – Chittenden 8-1
  • Mike McCarthy – Franklin 3-1
  • Avram Patt – Lamoille-Washington
  • Robin Chestnut-Tangerman – Rutland Bennington
  • Emilie Kornheiser – Windham 2-1
  • Logan Nicoll – Windsor 2-1

State Senate Candidates

  • Chris Pearson – Chittenden County
  • Andrew Perchlik – Washington County
  • Anthony Pollina – Washington County

Congratulations to the candidates, and stay tuned for upcoming announcements that will provide details on how you can support your local candidates and help them get elected in November.

Later this month, RAD members will be asked to review and vote on whether to endorse an additional slate of state and local candidates. Members will receive more information on the voting process in the coming weeks. If you haven’t already, please consider becoming a RAD sustaining member today and add your voice to the vote!