2022 Legislative Update, Week of February 7th


We hope you are not losing the passion to keep doing your part – your voice matters! We keep hearing from elected officials that the most effective way to influence the legislative process is to talk to your legislator. If your legislator is on the committee where a bill is being voted on for recommendation to the full body, your voice is extra crucial. When you write to your legislator, make sure to let them know you are their constituent (perhaps in the subject line). We recommend finding one or two bills that matter most to you and using our “Tips on Testifying” below to take action!

This week there are a number of hearings on RAD priority bills. There are two bills that would repeal the “divisive concepts” ban, which we hope you sign in to support. There are also two bills related to reproductive rights: one to repeal the ban on safe, legal abortions, and one harmful bill to allow protestors to stand in front of reproductive health centers and harass people using these services. HB 1266, the anti-sanctuary bill, is rearing its ugly head again. This bill will punish immigrants by conflating immigration with criminality. The last hearing involved a lot of rhetoric about “good” and “bad” immigrants, not taking into account how we do not use that measure with other people.

Please come out to testify in person if you can, or register your position online!

See Rights & Democracy New Hampshire legislative priorities for 2022.

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Until next week, and in solidarity,

David Bates
Sebastian Fuentes
Asma Elhuni, Movement Politics Director, Rights & Democracy

Sign in to register your position on these RAD priority bills, and testify in writing and in person if you are able! See “Tips for Testifying” below. 

[highlight style=”gray”]RACIAL JUSTICE[/highlight]

Support HB 1090, repealing the 2021 “divisive concepts” law and providing that no NH law will bar any school employee from teaching the historical or current experiences of any group that is protected from discrimination. Talking points.

When: Tuesday, February 8th, 10am
Where: Public Hearing in the House Education Committee, LOB 205-207 

Support HB 1576, repealing the 2021 “divisive concepts” law. Talking points.

When: Tuesday, February 8th, 10am
Where: Public Hearing in the House Education Committee, LOB 205-207

[highlight style=”gray”]REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS[/highlight]

Support HB 1673, the Women’s Health Privacy Act, repealing the 2021 ban on safe, legal abortions after 24 weeks and compulsory ultrasounds for any woman seeking to terminate a pregnancy.

When: Thursday, February 10th, 1pm
Where: Public Hearing in the House Judiciary Committee, Representatives Hall

Oppose HB 1625, repealing the prohibition on anti-choice protestors forming a gauntlet women must walk through on the sidewalk or street directly outside a reproductive health care facility.

When: Wednesday, February 9th, 1pm
Where: House Judiciary Committee, Representatives Hall

[highlight style=”gray”]AFFORDABLE HOUSING[/highlight]

Oppose SB 210, which would make it harder for manufactured housing park residents to organize to become  Resident Owned Communities (ROCs) and create more barriers to affordable housing.

When: Tuesday, February 8th, 9:15am
Where: Senate Commerce Committee, State House Room 100

[highlight style=”gray”]IMMIGRATION[/highlight]

Oppose HB 1266, which prevents local governments from adopting policies limiting cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

When: The public hearing on this bill has been continued to February 11th, 10am. It is no longer possible to sign in to oppose this bill, but in person testimony can be offered at the hearing.
Where: House Criminal Justice Committee, LOB 202-204

[highlight style=”gray”]FAIR WAGES[/highlight]

Support SB 203, which would gradually increase the minimum wage to $15/hour.

When: Tuesday, February 8th, 9am
Where: Senate Commerce Committee, Statehouse Room 100

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SB 428, expanding Medicaid to cover preventative dental care and cleanings for low income adults, rather than just emergency room tooth extractions, was recommended for passage by the Senate Health Committee! It will receive a Senate floor vote on February 16th.

A number of additional bills were executed this week, but the committee recommendations have not yet been entered into the system; we will have more updates next week.

Monday, February 7th, 6 – 7:30pm Powerbuilders Training: One to Ones!

Tuesday, February 8th, 5 – 7:30pm Tuesday Phonebank for Justice

Wednesday, February 9th, 6 – 7:30pm HEAL Together Monthly meeting

Wednesday, February 9th, 5 – 7:15pm Climate Deep Canvass Phonebank

Tips for Testifying

In person: Go early to the room assigned for the committee hearing early. There will be a form for you to sign your name and who you are representing. You may sign in as yourself if you are not representing an organization. The higher your name is on the list,  the earlier you get to speak. You will be called on when they open the hearing to the public.

Online: If you cannot attend a hearing in person, you can register your position online up to a week out. (Registration is cut off 30 minutes before a hearing.) After signing in support of a bill, the confirmation page will list the email address where you can submit written testimony. Email committee members to let them know why you support or oppose a bill.

Helpful Links


  • Register your position and/or submit testimony on a Senate bill here.
  • Find the Senate Calendar here (meeting links are in the Calendar Notice pdf).
    Find your Senator here.


  • Register your position and/or submit testimony on a House bill here.
  • Find the House Calendar here.
  • Find your Representative(s) here.

Don’t know your district? Use this map.