Rights & Democracy Statement on Rep. Nicole Klein-Knight


Rights & Democracy is founded on the principles of universal human rights and the liberation of all people. We seek to advance freedom from fear and intimidation by ending all forms of oppression.

In light of State Rep. Nicole Klein-Knight’s recent behavior, we stand in solidarity with BIPOC progressive leaders in their condemnation of her derogatory, racist remarks and actions against a Black activist.

As an elected public leader, Rep. Klein Knight has the opportunity to lead the way towards a more just and equitable Granite State. In the past we believed in her ability to do so, and Rights & Democracy has endorsed Rep. Klein-Knight in prior elections because of her outspoken activism for economic justice, healthcare and mental health reform, and alignment across our platform. We hold our endorsed candidates to high standards. In addition to evaluating how closely a candidate’s platform aligns with our values and vision, we view our endorsees as leaders in their communities, who embody these values in all aspects of their lives. If an endorsed candidate’s ability to fulfill these expectations is called into question, then as a values-driven organization, RAD is obligated to our members and our movement to investigate and reassess our decision.

In light of her recent behavior and continued refusal to participate in mediation, both of which contradict our core principles and values, we rescind our endorsements. We are deeply disappointed to not see an apology from Rep. Klein-Knight nor efforts to find mediation, understanding, and healing. We believe in restorative justice and hope there is healing and mediation in the aftermath of this incident.

As an organization and community, we are working towards building a government that reflects the values and will of the people. Rights & Democracy will continue to endorse, elect, and govern alongside progressive champions in our state; champions who are committed to dismantling structural injustice and building a democracy and an economy that are grounded in the needs of all people and our planet.