The Weekly: Build your canvassing skills with us this week!


As the weather and our work are heating up, we are growing our skills and preparing to move forward together with strength. ☀️

We are thrilled to have recently welcomed long-time RAD member leader Sebastian Fuentes as NH Movement Politics Director, and Dögg Hugosdóttir, part of our deep canvassing team since last year, as NH Field Manager!

We’re looking forward to Ed leading out a training about the basics of successful canvassing this week with our VT State Director Alison Nihart, as part of our sister organization’s ongoing Powerbuilders series. Join us!

Finally, tune in to Thursday’s episode of the Movement Politics Show, as Kiah and Board member Grace Kindeke explore what is next for our movement, and join us for the final session of our Race Class Academy discussion series this Sunday.

Climate Deep Canvassing in New Hampshire
May 18th, 5-7:15PM. Zoom. RSVP

Powerbuilders: Canvassing for Authentic Connection
May 24th, 6-7:30PM. Zoom. RSVP

The Movement Politics Show: What Comes Next, with Kiah and Grace
May 26th, 6-7PM. Facebook Live. RSVP

Race Class Academy: A Guided Discussion Series, Session 4
May 29th, 1-3PM. Zoom. RSVP