RAD and NHYM Action Endorse Andru Volinsky for Governor.


Rights & Democracy’s member leaders and New Hampshire Youth Movement Action have overwhelmingly voted to endorse Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky for New Hampshire Governor.

“Andru has been a strong, consistent voice in the pursuit of a healthier, happier, and more just society. The core issues that form his public service include climate protection, education, health care, and income equality.” said Andrea Polizos, RAD Leadership Committee member.

RAD and NHYM Action members – which are currently two of the largest and fastest growing people’s movement organizations in New Hampshire – are keen to elect a Governor who will recognize the needs of the working class, demand climate action, expand access to quality healthcare, and fix our unbalanced education system. These ideas are not just aspirational, but realistic and have the potential to put the Granite State on a more just and sustainable path.

“I support Andru Volinsky for Governor because his values align with those of Rights & Democracy as well as my own. He doesn’t take corporate or PAC funds, which will help to ensure that he listens to the people of NH and does what is best for us, not what is best for corporations.” added Melissa Robinson, also on the RAD Leadership Committee, “I feel that, as Governor, Andru Volinsky will help NH become a more just and equitable state for all of its citizens.” 

A key motivation behind Volinsky’s endorsement from RAD and NHYM Action was his record of transparency and advocacy throughout his career in public service. From public defender to Executive Councilor, he’s proven not only his integrity, but also his dedication to uplifting people of all walks of life. A particularly strong tenet of Volinsky’s campaign that resonates deeply with members of both organizations is his citizen-informed New Hampshire Climate Action Plan, which proposes to coordinate government department’s efforts to stop climate change, making New Hampshire net carbon-neutral in the electrical, transportation, and heating sectors by 2030. At a time when so many face unemployment, Volinsky could secure economic and environmental security in tandem.

RAD and NHYM Action are proud to support a candidate who has signed on to the demands of Black Lives Matter Manchester, supports Medicare For All, and is committed to stopping the climate crisis through a Green New Deal.

“Andru Volinsky is the only candidate that has endorsed the Green New Deal. He put these values into action by standing against new fossil-fuel infrastructure like the Granite Bridge pipeline and representing intervenors in the Northern Pass dispute.” said Robby St. Laurent of New Hampshire Youth Movement Action’s Keene Hub.

Both RAD and NHYM Action were especially motivated to take action in this gubernatorial race after witnessing nearly all progress toward environmental and societal justice washed away in a slurry of vetoes from Sununu. Members throughout both organizations were particularly alarmed by the widening of the public education funding gap and the disjointed, delayed response to the coronavirus pandemic under Sununu’s leadership. 

This endorsement represents the first wave of the surge of support RAD members and NHYM Action have put behind Volinsky for New Hampshire Governor. As organizations, RAD and NHYM Action look forward to working with Andru Volinsky long after the election to bring about the change our communities deserve.