Standing up for Our Rights, Our Communities


My name is Mary Gerisch and I’m a member of Rights & Democracy (RAD) and a leader the RAD Bennington Chapter.

Mary GerishThe lack of access to safe drinking water has caused significant strain on thousands of Vermonters’ health and finances—far beyond what you may have heard happened here in Bennington.

I fail to understand how Vermont’s most precious resource has been so severely neglected. Vermont communities are riddled with water infrastructure problems: our lakes, rivers, streams, and drinking water systems need better oversight and accountability to ensure a better quality for future generations.

How many times have there been warnings of contamination in your community’s water? Here in Bennington, we’ve seen the disastrous and costly health and financial effects of letting those responsible for poisoning water off scot-free.

RAD gives me, and so many others like me, more than a voice but chance to work with others to build the power we need to make the changes we want to see here in Vermont, our country, and the world.

From healthcare to raising the minimum wage to working with other organizations and elected officials to ensure there is clean water for all.

Join me today in support of our Together We Win campaign because it’s clear we need organizations like RAD now, more than ever.

Mary Gerisch, Bennington

RAD Bennington Organizing Team
RAD member