Here we go! Boldly stepping into September

Hard at work in the heat of summer. We love RAD Organizer, Tom Proctor’s August office.

RAD Leaders in Action

Reier Erickson, a previously endorsed candidate and current Catalyst Leadership cohort member lead the charge in a successful campaign to get police – otherwise known as school resource officers (SRO’s) – out of schools in the Maple Run district of Vermont. This is a crucial step, and one we’re proud to see led from a core member!

RAD in the Media

Nancy Braus, leading Vermont climate activist, owner of Everyone’s Books, and former RAD board member spoke out on the impact of the accelerating climate crisis in Vermont.

RAD-endorsed State Senator Becca Balint on the need to speak up about racism in our schools.

In Case You
Missed It…

Our movement is growing! Learn more about all our openings.

Renew New England, our regional coalition, has an exiciting new opportunity. Read more and apply!

This month’s episode of the Traverse, our sister organization’s monthly conversation series, explored the struggle for a liveable wage. Host Dan Fingas was joined by amazing guests – watch the full episode here.

I hope the final days of summer have given all of you a chance to recharge. As one RAD staff member put it, August “has been like Friday afternoon for a whole month.” So, rested and restored, we shake off summer and step into September, gearing up for a busy fall.

There is a lot happening and a lot yet to be decided, which means we have our work cut out for us. At the federal level, we have an opportunity to pass the one of the boldest and most transformative pieces of legislation in a generation. In August, we came out for #SealTheDeal rallies in Vermont and New Hampshire as part of a nationwide campaign calling on members of Congress to back the climate and care infrastructure bill. As Congress works its way through the reconciliation process, you can be sure we will have plenty of ways for you to get involved, so stay tuned for updates.

As many of you may know, this Labor Day marks the sixth anniversary of RAD’s public launch. Back in 2015, we never imagined how far we would come and how much we would grow. We want to thank all of you – from those who have been there since the beginning to our newest members and supporters. We could not have done it without you, and we look forward to the next phase of our journey together. In preparation for our next transition and the work that lies ahead, we are hiring! We would love for you or someone you know to join our exciting, dedicated and powerful team – we invite you to share widely!

Always in solidarity,



Congratulations are in order for our endorsed candidate Joe Magee for winning his race for the Burlington City Council seat in Ward 3! We’re proud to support progressive candidates working to keep Vermont moving forward with justice and equity on all levels of government.

This movement co-governance process is made possible by the robust participation of our members, so if you are not already, become a member today and make your voice heard in RAD’s upcoming endorsement votes.


What better way to celebrate Labor Day than with our senate champion for labor rights and RAD? RAD Board Member, Jubiilee McGill and BIPOC Advisory Committee members Iris Hsiang will join Bernie and Congressman Peter Welch in Middlebury on Monday, September 6. The event will also feature food and live music. More info here.


Last week we joined with thousands of people across the country for the #SealTheDeal rallies in a national day of action coordinated by the Green New Deal Network. In both Vermont and New Hampshire, RAD joined dozens of allied organizations in calling on our Members of Congress to #SealtheDeal and pass the biggest and boldest climate and care infrastructure bill in history. We are grateful Senator Sanders’s leadership and efforts in getting this legislation passed in the Senate, and  we are ready to get to work to make sure this landmark legislation gets passed.

Welcome Kirthana!

In August, we had the deep pleasure of adding an amazing new person to the RAD staff – Kirthana Vallesi joins us as RAD’s new Operations Director!

Kirthana has lived all over the world, including Haiti for a couple years. In light of the recent earthquakes, we’re asking everyone to consider supporting two fundraisers for local community members and friends of hers where she used to live; one for a local PT clinic (the only one in the south of the country) and another for locals directing relief to the most impacted families on the ground.