RAD 2020 VT Voter’s Guide


We all know there is a lot at stake in the 2020 general election on November 3rd. 

While we are organizing hard with our national movement partners to beat Trump, this year it is more important than ever to show up strong for our Vermont state and district candidates. These smaller races will make big differences in our everyday lives. The outcomes will affect how we face multiple overlapping challenges here at home, including the ongoing impacts of COVID-19, systemic racism, income inequality, and climate change. 

The following is a voter’s guide for you to use and share widely. It lists the 67 candidates up and down the ballot who RAD endorsed pre- and post-primary. We are proud to support these candidates, who have shown a commitment to RAD’s values and to moving our state toward a just and livable future for all Vermonters. 

(Read more about the endorsement process, the primary winners, and post-primary endorsements.)

To make it easy, we have grouped district-level candidates by county or region, closest to how they would appear on your ballot. For this reason, candidates whose district crosses county lines may appear more than once on this list. We are asking you to do three things:

  1. Use this guide to vote NOW using a mail-in ballot, or vote early in person.
  2. Share this guide with friends and family, and make sure they do the same. 
  3. Sign up at this link to volunteer with us in the leadup to the election! 

Let’s act like our collective future depends on it and Get Out The Vote 2020!



US House of Representatives

Peter Welch



David Zuckerman

Lieutenant Governor

Molly Gray

Secretary of State

Jim Condos


Beth Pearce


Doug Hoffer


High Bailiff

Dave Silberman

State Senator

Ruth Hardy

State Representative

Mari Cordes (Addison 4)

Jubilee McGill (Addison 5)


State Representative

Dane Whitman (Bennington 2-1)

Robin Chesnut-Tangerman (Rutland-Bennington)


State Senator

Chris Pearson

Kesha Ram

Michael Sirotkin

Philip Baruth

State Representative

Michael Yantachka (Chittenden 4-1)

Bill Lippert (Chittenden 4-2)

Emma Mulvaney-Stanak (Chittenden 6-2)

Brian Cina (Chittenden 6-4)

Selene Colburn (Chittenden 6-4)

Tiff Bluemle (Chittenden 6-5)

Gabrielle Stebbins (Chittenden 6-5)

Barbara Rachelson (Chittenden 6-6)

Taylor Small (Chittenden 6-7)

Tanya Vyhovsky (Chittenden 8-1)

Emily Hecker (Chittenden 10)

Ember Quinn (Chittenden 10)


High Bailiff

Reier Erickson

State Senator

Chloe Collins

State Representative

David Glidden (Franklin 3-1)

Mike McCarthy (Franklin 3-1)

Nicholas Brosseau (Franklin 4)


State Senator

Ron Horton (Essex/Orleans County)

State Representative

Chip Troiano (Caledonia 2)

Katherine Sims (Orleans-Caledonia)

Kelsey Root-Winchester (Orange-Caledonia)

Martha W. Allen (Essex-Caledonia-Orleans)


State Representative

Kate MacLean (Orange 1)

Susan Hatch Davis (Orange 1)

Sarah Copeland Hanzas (Orange 2)
Kelsey Root-Winchester (Orange-Caledonia)

Jim Masland (Windsor-Orange 2)


State Senator

Cheryl Hooker

Michael Shank

State Representative

Robin Chesnut-Tangerman (Rutland-Bennington)

Barbara Noyes Pulling (Rutland 4)

Mary Howard (Rutland 5-3)

Stephanie Jerome (Rutland 6)

Kirk White (Windsor-Rutland)


State Senator

Andrew Perchlik

Anthony Pollina

State Representative

Avram Patt (Lamoille-Washington)

David Yacovone (Lamoille-Washington)

Jo Sabel Courtney (Lamoille 1)

Kate Donnally (Lamoille 2)

Peter D. Anthony (Washington 3)

Maxine Grad (Washington 7)


State Senator

Becca Balint

Jeanette White

State Representative

Emilie Kornheiser (Windham 2-1)

Mollie S. Burke (Windham 2-2)

Michelle Bos-Lun (Windham 4)

Mike Mrowicki (Windham 4)


State Representative

Jim Masland (Windsor-Orange 2)

Elizabeth Burrows (Windsor 1)

Logan Nicoll (Windsor 2-1)

Heather Surprenant (Windsor 4-1)

Kevin “Coach” Christie (Windsor 4-2)

Becca White (Windsor 4-2)

Kirk White (Windsor-Rutland)

Note: RAD withdrew our previous endorsement of candidate Bob Hooper (Chittenden 6-1), due to concerns over statements made around racial justice, police reform, and the Black Lives Matter movement. We consider these stances to run counter to the values we uphold as an organization, and to the work of undoing oppression in order to achieve collective liberation.