RAD 2020 NH Voter’s Guide


This is a big election year, and there is a lot on the line for our country, our state and our democracy. We are hard at work mobilizing with our movement partners to defeat Trump so we can begin healing our communities, and it is just as important to show up for our New Hampshire state and district candidates.

RAD believes elections are opportunities to get strong champions into office who represent our movement and will shift the political landscape to win big change for our communities. The following voter’s guide lists the more than 100 candidates up and down the ballot who RAD has endorsed in New Hampshire. We are proud to support these candidates, who are committed to our values, our issues, and our movement.

This year, RAD is also recommending you vote for some candidates who we have not endorsed, but who we see as the clear best choice in their race in order to advance our agenda for social, racial, economic and climate justice. These candidates are listed at the bottom of their respective category, with *Recommended next to their name. To make it easy, we have grouped district-level candidates for state representative by county, closest to how they would appear on your ballot.

We are asking you to do three things:

  1. Use this guide to vote NOW using a mail-in ballot, or vote early in person.
  2. Share this guide with friends and family, and make sure they do the same.
  3. Sign up at this link to volunteer with us in the leadup to the election!

Let’s act like our collective future depends on it and Get Out The Vote 2020!


*Recommended: Dan Feltes (Actblue, Website, Facebook page, Twitter)


Mindi Messmer, District 3 (Actblue, Facebook page, Website, Twitter)
Mark Mackenzie, District 4 (Actblue, Facebook page, Twitter)
Deb Pignatelli, District 5 (Website, Facebook page)

*Recommended: Cinde Warmington, District 2 (Actblue, Website, Facebook page, Twitter)


William Bolton, SD2 (Actblue, Website, Facebook page)
David Watters, SD4 (Actblue, Website, Facebook page, Twitter)
Suzanne Prentiss, SD5 (Actblue, Website, Facebook page, Twitter)
Philip Spagnuolo, SD7 (Actblue, Facebook page, Twitter)
Jenn Alford-Teaster, SD8 (Actblue, Website, Facebook page, Twitter)
Melanie Levesque, SD12 (Actblue, Website, Facebook page, Twitter)
Becky Whitely, SD15 (Actblue, Website, Facebook page, Twitter)
Joshua Bourdon, SD19 (Actblue, Facebook page, Twitter)
Rebecca Perkins Kwoka, SD21 (Actblue, Website, Facebook, Twitter, Insta)

*Recommended: Jeanne Dietsch, SD9 (Actblue, Website, Facebook page, Twitter)
Jay Kahn, SD10 (Actblue, Facebook page)
*Recommended: Kevin Cavanaugh, SD16 (Actblue, Website, Facebook page)



Diane Hanley, Belknap 2 (Actblue, Facebook page)
Natalie Taylor, Belknap 2 (Actblue, website, Facebook page, Twitter)
Carlos Cardona, Belknap 3 (Actblue, Facebook page, Twitter)


Lawrence Welkowitz, Cheshire 4 (Actblue, Twitter)
Sparky Von Plinsky, Cheshire 7 (Actblue, Facebook page, Twitter)
Dick Ames, Cheshire 9 (Actblue)
Lucius Parshall, Cheshire 10 (Actblue, Facebook page)
Patricia A Martin, Cheshire 11 (Actblue, Facebook page, Twitter)
Natalie Quevedo, Cheshire 13 (Actblue, website, Facebook page)
Andrew Maneval, Cheshire 14 (Actblue, Facebook page)
Joe Schapiro, Cheshire 16 (Actblue, Facebook page)
Amanda Elizabeth Toll, Cheshire 16 (Actblue, Website, Facebook page, Twitter)

*Recommended: Doug Ley, Cheshire 9 (Actblue, State Leg Page, Twitter)


Susan Ticehurst, Carroll 3 (Facebook page)
Donna V Ackerman, Carroll 5 (Actblue, website, Facebook page)
Carrie Duran, Carroll 6 (Actblue, website)


Christopher Allan Roberge, Coos 2 (Twitter)


Sallie Fellows, Grafton 8 (Actblue, website)
Tim Josephson, Grafton 11 (Actblue, Facebook page, Twitter)
Francesca Diggs, Grafton 16 (Actblue, website, Facebook page, Twitter)
Joshua Adjutant, Grafton 17 (Website)


Rachel Cisto, Hillsborough 02 (Actblue, Website, Facebook page, Twitter)
Jennifer Bernet, Hillsborough 4 (Facebook page)
Kermit Williams, Hillsborough 4 (Actblue, Facebook page)
Mary Sullivan Heath, Hillsborough 4 (Actblue, Facebook page, Twitter)
Patrick Long, Hillsborough 10 (Facebook page)
Nicole Klein Knight, Hillsborough 11 (Actblue, Facebook page, Twitter)
Tim Smith, Hillsborough 17 (Actblue, website, Facebook page, Twitter)
Nikki Fordey, Hillsborough 20 (Actblue, Facebook page, Twitter)
Wendy Thomas, Hillsborough 21 (Actblue, Facebook page, Twitter)
Tony Labranche, Hillsborough 22 (Actblue, website, Facebook page, Twitter)
Joshua Query, Hillsborough 16 (Actblue, Twitter)
Heidi Hamer, Hillsborough 17 (Actblue, Facebook page)
Mackenzie Murphy, Hillsborough 21 (Actblue, Facebook page, Twitter)
Nancy Murphy, Hillsborough 21 (Facebook page)
Maria Elizabeth Perez, Hillsborough 23 (Actblue, Facebook page, Twitter)
Ivy Vann, Hillsborough 24 (Actblue, Website)
Tom Harris, Hillsborough 27 (Actblue, Website, Facebook page)
Bruce Cohen, Hillsborough 28 (Actblue, Website, Facebook page)
Jan Schmidt, Hillsborough 28 (Actblue, website, Facebook page)
Elizabeth Crooker, Hillsborough 25 (Actblue)
Laura Lynch, Hillsborough 25 (Actblue, Facebook page)
Patricia Klee, Hillsborough 30 (Actblue, Facebook page)
Suzanne Vail, Hillsborough 30 (Actblue, Facebook page, Twitter)
Manny Espitia, Hillsborough 31 (Actblue, Facebook page, Twitter)
Allison Nutting-Wong, Hillsborough 32 (Actblue, Twitter, Facebook page)
Efstathia Booras, Hillsborough 33 (Facebook page)
Mark King, Hillsborough 33 (Actblue, Facebook page, Twitter)
Fran Nutter-Upham, Hillsborough 33 (Gencourt site)
Melbourne Moran Jr., Hillsborough 34 (Actblue)
Catherine Sofikitis, Hillsborough 34 (Actblue, info)
Linda Gathright, Hillsborough 36 (Actblue, Website)
Steven Katsos, Hillsborough 37 (Actblue, Facebook page)
Alejandro Urrutia, Hillsborough 37 (Twitter)
Jim Bosman, Hillsborough 38 (Actblue, Facebook page)
Stephanie Hyland, Hillsborough 38 (Actblue, website)
Matt Wilhelm, Hillsborough 42 (Actblue, Facebook, Twitter, Insta)
Candace Moulton, Hillsborough 44 (Actblue, website, Facebook page, Twitter)
Connie Van Houten, Hillsborough 45 (Actblue)


Sheena Duncan, Merrimack 3 (Actblue, Facebook page)
Eric Gallager, Merrimack 15 (Actblue, Twitter)
Safiya Wazir, Merrimack 17 (Actblue, Facebook page, Twitter)
Kris Schultz, Merrimack 18 (Actblue, Facebook page, website, Twitter)
Christy D Bartlett, Merrimack 19 (Actblue, Facebook page)
Samantha Fox, Merrimack 23 (Actblue, Facebook page, Twitter)
Art Ellison, Merrimack 27 (Actblue, Facebook page)
Rebecca McWilliams, Merrimack 27 (Actblue, website, Facebook page)
Katherine Rogers, Merrimack 28 (Actblue, Facebook page, Twitter)


Mary Malia Till, Rockingham 6 (Actblue, Website, Facebook page)
Michelle Sawyer Moge, Rockingham 6 (Actblue)
Sara Dillingham, Rockingham 8 (Actblue, website, Facebook page)
Donna Loranger, Rockingham 8 (Actblue, Facebook page)
Bonnie Wright, Rockingham 8 (Actblue, Website, Facebook page, Twitter)
Ellen Read, Rockingham 17 (Actblue, Facebook page, Twitter)
Renny Cushing, Rockingham 21 (Actblue, website, Facebook page, Twitter)
David Meuse, Rockingham 29 (Actblue, Website, Facebook page)
Hal Rafter, Rockingham 32 (Actblue, Facebook page)


Emmanuel Krasner, Strafford 2 (Actblue, Facebook page)
Cam Kenney, Strafford 6 (Actblue, Facebook page)
Timothy Horrigan, Strafford 6 (Actblue, website)
Marjorie Smith, Strafford 6 (bio)
Chuck Grassie, Strafford 11 (Actblue, Twitter)
Casey Conley, Strafford 13 (Actblue, Facebook page, Twitter)
Ariel Oxaal, Strafford 15 (Actblue, website, Facebook page, Twitter)
Sherry Frost, Strafford 16 (Actblue, Facebook page, Twitter)
Gerri Cannon, Strafford 18 (Actblue, Facebook page, Twitter)
Jeremiah Minihan, Strafford 24 (Actblue, Facebook page, Twitter)
Amanda Gourgue, Strafford 25 (Actblue, website, Facebook page, Twitter)


Lee W. Oxenham, Sullivan 1 (Website)
Brian Sullivan, Sullivan 1 (Actblue, website)
Liza Draper, Sullivan 5 (Actblue, Facebook page)
Claudia Istel, Sullivan 7 (Actblue, Facebook page)
John Streeter, Sullivan 8 (Actblue, Facebook page)
John Cloutier, Sullivan 10 (Actblue, Facebook page)


Jonathan Weinberg, Concord District B (Actblue, Facebook page, Twitter)