Our 2022 General Endorsements


Rights & Democracy is pleased to announce their full list of regular endorsements for the 2022 elections of 31 candidates, including statewide endorsements of Peter Welch for US Senate, Becca Balint for US Congress, David Zuckerman for Lieutenant Governor, and Rory Thibault for Attorney General. 

These candidates were endorsed after a process that included an issue questionnaire, leader recommendations, and a vote of the full RAD Vermont membership that was then certified by the Rights & Democracy (RAD) Board of Directors. During this year’s member-led endorsement process RAD received more candidate questionnaires and had more members voting than ever before. This current slate of general endorsements also includes gubernatorial candidate Brenda Siegel, whose endorsement was announced in the first week of June.

“This is a year of incredible change to Vermont’s state legislature, statewide electeds, and federal delegation and we are excited to have such a dynamic slate of champion candidates across Vermont,” said Dan Fingas, RAD Vermont Movement Politics Director. “These candidates, led by US Congressional Candidate Becca Balint, are committed to making Vermont better with policies focused on racial justice, equity in education, and an intersectional approach to the climate crisis that includes a truly just transition for all Vermonters. RAD’s members are proud to be voting for these candidates on August 9th and November 8th.”

This slate of candidates varies from long-time legislative champions to first-time runners, with some having already received endorsements from RAD in prior elections. All of these candidates champion key legislative issues for the organization and its membership, such as environmental justice, housing, workers’ rights, universal health care, and racial equity, among other top concerns facing Vermont communities and families. 

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of Rights & Democracy. RAD does the important work of building coalitions through grassroots organizing, empowering and mobilizing people to create stronger, healthier communities,” said Congressman Peter Welch, candidate for US Senate. “I look forward to working together to advance our shared goal of a more equitable and just society.”

“Whether it’s advocating for housing for all, economic justice, climate action, or access to quality healthcare, Rights & Democracy has built a powerful, people-driven movement committed to improving Vermonter’s lives. I am honored to receive their endorsement again. I am proud to have been and continue to be, their partner in the work to build safe communities and a healthy democracy that works for everyone.” said Becca Balint, candidate for US Congress.

“Rights & Democracy fully embraces grassroots organizing and people-powered activism, and I am honored to once again receive the endorsement of RAD,” said David Zuckerman, candidate for Lt. Governor. “Real political change often happens from the bottom up, when citizens and advocates work together to fight for necessary political change. I look forward to working with them throughout my campaign and in the Lt. Governor’s office to implement real progress on social, economic, and environmental issues.”

“I am honored to have the endorsement and support of Rights & Democracy’s members. Achieving true social justice and reform means not shying away from tough discussions and even tougher decisions,” said Rory Thibault, candidate for Vermont Attorney General. “As Attorney General, I will advocate for and support our most vulnerable communities and all Vermonters; and I look forward to working with Rights & Democracy to do just that.”

Here is the full list of candidates receiving a general endorsement from RAD:


US Senate

Peter Welch


US Congress

Becca Balint


Lieutenant Governor

David Zuckerman, Website


Attorney General

Rory Thibault, Website


State Senate Candidates

  • Phil Baruth (Chittenden Central), Website
  • Erhard Mahnke (Chittenden Central), Website
  • Irene Wrenner (Chittenden North), Website
  • Kesha Ram Hinsdale (Chittenden South East), Website
  • Pam McCarthy (Franklin County), Website
  • Anna Tadio (Rutland County), Website
  • Jared Duval (Washington County), Website
  • Anne Watson (Washington County), Website
  • Wichie Artu (Windham County), Website
  • Nader Hashim (Windham County), Website
  • Becca White (Windsor County), Website


State House Candidates

  • Wendy Harlin (Addison 2), Website
  • Mike Rice (Bennington-Rutland), Website
  • Christina Deeley (Chittenden 4), Website
  • Troy Headrick (Chittenden 15), Website
  • Kate Logan (Chittenden 16), Website
  • Daisy Berbeco (Chittenden 21), Website
  • Leonora Dodge (Chittenden 23), Website
  • Devon Thomas (Franklin 1), Website
  • Brenda Churchill (Franklin 6), Website
  • Monique Priestley (Orange 2), Website
  • Kelsey Root Winchester (Orange-Caledonia), Website
  • Katherine Sims (Orleans 4), Website
  • Conor Casey (Washington 4), Website
  • Kate McCann (Washington 4), Website
  • Melissa Battah (Washington-Orange), Website
  • Tesha Buss (Windsor 5), Website


These additional 31 endorsements bring the total endorsements for Rights & Democracy to 55 candidates for the 2022 elections. Here is the list of RAD’s Early Endorsements from May 2022.

The Rights & Democracy Project (RAD) works to advance human rights and strengthen our democracy through grassroots organizing, transformative policy, and supporting the development of a new generation of leaders from communities across Vermont and New Hampshire. Our mission is to bring people together to take action to build healthy communities and make the values of our communities guide the policies of our government. We’re building a people’s movement to win tangible victories that improve the lives of poor and working-class families, immigrants, and communities of color.