Giving = Power


Rights & Democracy is a young organization, and we currently receive the majority of our funding via grants.

While strong grant sponsorship is a necessary, but not sufficient condition, as other successful non-profits such as NPR, VPR, and NHPR have discovered, grant funding comes and goes. A truly sustainable organization requires significant, ongoing support of its membership to smooth out the bumps.

It is time for RAD to begin the transition to such a funding model.

Increasing financial support from our membership will allow us to continue our mission, even when grant-based funding falls short.  Additionally, strong membership support will give us the independence to pursue issues that are important, even when grant funding may not be available to elevate that issue.

Right now, with one month left on the calendar, Rights & Democracy needs to raise the final $50,000 of our annual budget so we can head into 2020 ready to do necessary work that lay ahead. To accomplish that, we need to recruit many new supporting members.

Please become a sustaining member of Rights & Democracy today by clicking here.

Whether or not you can personally afford to donate, please volunteer to join our Fundraising Team and help us recruit additional sustaining members. Someone from RAD will get in touch with you, provide you with training, and help you reach out to our members, and your neighbors.

Our fundraising drive kicks into high gear next week, which we are calling People Power Week.

Sign up here to join the Fundraising team & help RAD build more people power.

Finally, in this season of giving, please also consider asking your family, friends, and community to support us in our ongoing mission.

We can do this… together.

Eric Rasmussen, Board Member, Rights & Democracy


Photo credit: Shannon Burstein