All that we love is on the line


Rights & Democracy Whose House? Our House!“Whether you care about the environment or women’s rights or racial justice or what’s happening to our sisters and brothers on the southern border, all that we love is on the line.”

Those were the words of Sen. Nina Turner of Our Revolution during her barnstorm tour of Vermont and New Hampshire this summer.

“To get the wonderful change that we know that we can have in this country, it is really up to us.”

As we head into the final two weeks of these historic mid-term elections, we’re asking you to help us elect the candidates who will stand with us – not work against us – to raise the minimum wage, provide paid family leave, stop corporate abuse of workers and consumers, stand with teachers and defend public education, as well as protect our water, air, and move us more quickly to a clean energy future that empowers local communities.

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Vermont has been willing to stand on the side of justice and to lead the nation on many key issues facing communities across the nation — and it’s clear we have much more work to do.

This makes Vermont a target of right-wing mega-donors like the billionaire Koch Brothers, and their wealthy allies, who are plowing hundreds of thousands of dollars into this election in a desperate attempt to buy the election and stall our progress.

As Sen. Turner said: All that we love is on the line – that’s all.

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— James Haslam,
Executive Director, Rights & Democracy