Get Out the Vote With Bernie Sanders at UNH


New Hampshire Youth Movement (NHYM) and Rights & Democracy NH (RAD) are hosting Bernie Sanders at the University of New Hampshire on November 4, just two days before the midterm elections.

Young people are facing terrifying climate change, rampant and dangerous racism, unfair treatment and neglect of the LGBTQIAP+ community, and the creation of a world unfit for anyone other than the 1%.

Our leaders are standing by as climate change destroys our planet.

  • They refuse to create meaningful change to make sure minorities and people of color are treated equally and fairly.
  • They deny LGBTQIAP+ members the basic rights those not within that community effortlessly receive.
  • They only care to make this world a better place for those with the deepest and fullest pockets.

Right now young people have a huge opportunity to elect leaders who share our values. Bernie will be discussing the important role young people play in elections, especially here in New Hampshire. Young people are the largest voting block in the country but we turn out far less than older generations. If we show up to vote, the people in power will have to listen to us.

When we vote for candidates who stand with us on these issues, we move closer to a world we really want.

It’s time to FEEL THE BERRRRRNNN (again)!

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November 04, 2018 at 12pm – 2pm

University of New Hampshire, UNH Memorial Union Building, Granite State Room
83 Main St
Durham, NH 03824

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