Meet RAD’s 2022 Endorsed Candidates


Meet RAD’s full slate of endorsed candidates for the historic 2022 election season!

An asterisk before the candidate’s name indicates that the candidate was selected for endorsement as part of our early endorsement round. To qualify for an early endorsement from RAD, candidates must meet at least one of the following criteria: 1) a current RAD member, 2) previously endorsed by RAD for the same office; or 3) worked closely with RAD and RAD’s vision while in office.

All other candidates were selected through a process that included an issue questionnaire, leader recommendations, and a vote of the full RAD Vermont membership that was then certified by the Rights & Democracy (RAD) Board of Directors.

RAD is proud to support this dynamic slate of 55 champions running in races up and down the ballot across Vermont!

[highlight style=”green”]U.S. SENATE[/highlight]

Peter Welch

[highlight style=”green”]U.S. CONGRESS[/highlight]

Becca Balint

[highlight style=”green”]GOVERNOR[/highlight]

*Brenda Siegel, Website

[highlight style=”green”]LT. GOVERNOR[/highlight]

David Zuckerman, Website

[highlight style=”green”]ATTORNEY GENERAL[/highlight]

Rory Thibault, Website

[highlight style=”green”]STATE SENATE[/highlight]

*Tanya Vyhovsky (Chittenden Central) Website

Phil Baruth (Chittenden Central), Website

Erhard Mahnke (Chittenden Central), Website

Irene Wrenner (Chittenden North), Website

Kesha Ram Hinsdale (Chittenden South East), Website

Pam McCarthy (Franklin County), Website

Anna Tadio (Rutland County), Website

*Andrew Perchlik (Washington) Website

Jared Duval (Washington County), Website

Anne Watson (Washington County), Website

Wichie Artu (Windham County), Website

Nader Hashim (Windham County), Website

Becca White (Windsor County), Website

[highlight style=”green”]STATE HOUSE[/highlight]

Wendy Harlin (Addison 2), Website

*Mari Cordes (Addison 4) Website

*Jubilee McGill (Addison 5) Website

Mike Rice (Bennington-Rutland), Website

*Chip Troiano (Caledonia 2)

Christina Deeley (Chittenden 4), Website

*Michael Yantachka (Chittenden 5) Website

*Emilie Krasnow (Chittenden 9) Website

*Tiff Bluemle (Chittenden 13) Website

*Barbara Rachelson (Chittenden 14) Website

*Brian Cina (Chittenden 15)

Troy Headrick (Chittenden 15), Website

Kate Logan (Chittenden 16), Website

*Emma Mulvaney Stanak (Chittenden 17) Website

*Taylor Small (Chittenden 21) Website

Daisy Berbeco (Chittenden 21), Website

Leonora Dodge (Chittenden 23), Website

Devon Thomas (Franklin 1), Website

Brenda Churchill (Franklin 6), Website

*Lauren Dees Erickson (Franklin 8) Website

*Saudia Lamont (Lamoille-Washington) Website

*Scott Weathers (Lamoille 1) Website

Kelsey Root Winchester (Orange-Caledonia), Website

Monique Priestley (Orange 2), Website

Katherine Sims (Orleans 4), Website

*Mary Howard (Rutland 6) ActBlue

*Will Notte (Rutland 7) Website

Melissa Battah (Washington-Orange), Website

*Kari Dolan (Washington 2) Website

Conor Casey (Washington 4), Website

Kate McCann (Washington 4), Website

*Michele Bos Lun (Windham 3) Website

*Elizabeth Burrows (Windsor 1)

*Heather Surprenant (Windsor 4) Website

Tesha Buss (Windsor 5), Website

*Coach Christie (Windsor 6) Website

[highlight style=”green”]HIGH BAILIFF[/highlight]

Dave Silberman (Addison) Website