Whole Movement Organizing Training


Led by RADNH Organizing Director Isaac Grimm and RAD Grassroots Organizer Heather Stockwell, our Whole Movement Organizing Training will provide an introduction to Rights & Democracy’s organizing model and dig into strategies for building grassroots power.  This training is meant to be useful to seasoned activists as well as newly politicized community members interested in building their skills to positively impact our politics and our communities.

The training will provide important context and tools for building one’s own power in concert with a collective movement. Trainees will leave with a deeper understanding of RAD’s theory of change and a grounding in why and how to build local power and a local base of activists working and building relationships together.

Fill out this reflection form in order to prepare for this training and to help us shape the training for your needs.

January 23, 2019 at 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Keene, NH


Isaac Grimm

[vc_employee employee_style=”horizontal” emp_design=”business” image=”1384″ img_style=”round” name=”ISAAC GRIMM” position=”Organizing Director”]Since it’s inception, Isaac has helped build RAD as canvass director, lead organizer, and political engagement director in Vermont, knocking doors around the state, building organizing teams, and then coordinating lobbying, coalition building and statewide electoral campaigns. Previously, he worked as co-canvass director with the Working Families Party and organizer for SEIU helping thousands of adjunct faculty form a union. A University of Vermont (UVM) grad and former Vermont Workers’ Center intern, he also worked as a high school social studies teacher in Cali, Colombia for 5 years. He can be reached at isaac@radnh.org[/vc_employee][vc_employee employee_style=”horizontal” emp_design=”business” image=”1383″ img_style=”round” name=”Heather Stockwell” position=”Grassroots Organizer”]Heather has been a resident of New Hampshire for almost 50 years. She attended college in Boston and New York, only to return to New Hampshire after her studies. She currently lives in her hometown where she started her own family in the house she grew up in. She is one of the founding members of the Monadnock Progressive Alliance, a local chapter of Rights & Democracy NH. She aspires to apply what she’s learned over the last two years by using these experiences across the Granite State. Contact: heather@radnh.org[/vc_employee]