VT Town Meeting Day 2022 Early Endorsements


As we get into the swing of things in 2022, this year’s municipal elections are just around the corner. With much at stake for our communities, we are thrilled to see people who are dedicated to building a just and equitable Vermont stepping up to run for critical local seats. We need grassroots champions at every level of government who are prepared to advocate for a Vermont in which we ALL can flourish, and to ensure that the voices of those most impacted by our current crises are heard loud and clear, from our town select boards and school boards to the halls of the State House.

Each election season, we are eager to identify and support progressive champions who share our vision and values. Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to this year’s slate of early endorsed candidates, who are proven champions of our principles and key priorities!

To qualify for an early endorsement from RAD, candidates must meet at least one of the following criteria: 1.) a current member of RAD, 2.) previously endorsed by RAD for the same office; or 3.) worked closely with RAD and RAD’s vision while in office.

We are feeling energized to support these incredible movement candidates in their bid for office — and we hope you will too!

  • Joanna Doria, Addison Central School Board
  • Jamie McCallum, Addison Central School Board
  • Melissa Battah, Barre Unified Union School Board
  • Monika Ivancic, Burlington School Board, Ward 7
  • Reier Erickson, Maple Run School Board
  • Liz Filskov, Mill River Union School Board
  • Natasha Eckart Baning, Town of Worcester School Director, Washington Central Unified Union School District
  • Tom Haley, Bennington Select Board
  • Zoraya Hightower, Burlington City Council, Ward 1
  • Gene Bergman, Burlington City Council, Ward 2
  • Joe Magee, Burlington City Council, Ward 3
  • FaRied Munarsyah, Burlington City Council, Ward 5
  • Conor Casey, Montpelier City Council, District 2
  • Jennifer Morton, Montpelier City Council, District 3