The Political Revolution Pivots To Local Level



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Rights & Democracy thanks Bernie Sanders for changing the political landscape in this country.

PORTSMOUTH, NH – Rights & Democracy, a regional grassroots community-based organization with members in Vermont and New Hampshire, publicly thanks Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for his historic campaign for President of the United States and redoubles its commitment to building the political revolution on a local level.

“On behalf of the millions of disaffected working families across the country, we want to express deep gratitude for Vermont’s Senator Sanders transformational campaign standing with grassroots movements to push for livable wages, workers’ rights, universal healthcare, undoing structural racism, reforming our criminal justice system, taking bold action on climate change, addressing our country’s substance abuse crisis and lack of appropriate mental health facilities,” says Christine Seibert of Manchester, New Hampshire, a local Rights & Democracy leader and County Commissioner candidate, Hillsborough County District 1.

Rights & Democracy launched in 2015 and has become the fastest-growing people-powered organization in Vermont and New Hampshire, arguably “ground-zero for the political revolution.” Founding board chair and union leader Michelle Salvador of Worcester, Vermont says “The political revolution that grew around the Sanders campaign will keep working defeat the Trump campaign. But there has also been a pivot to the local level as hundreds of Sanders supporters run for local and state office, and grassroots groups like Rights & Democracy build support for key issues like a $15/hour minimum wage, eliminating private for-profit prisons and pushing for universal healthcare at the state level.”

On June 23, Rights & Democracy introduced a new political action committee called the Vermont Political Revolution Fund and endorsed thirty-four candidates for statewide offices and seats in the legislature, including many of its members and supporters. The Vermont primary will be held on August 9.

This Saturday, on the eve of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Rights & Democracy will be holding a “Doorstep Convention”: going door to door to have in-depth conversations, person to person, about raising the minimum wage and our vision to put people and the planet before corporate profits. We will be joining thousands of people in Vermont, New Hampshire and across the country with peer organizations in our national network called People’s Action, who are working to turn the tide towards justice.

About Rights & Democracy:

Rights & Democracy was the first grassroots organization in New England to endorse Senator Sanders. Founded in 2015, Rights and Democracy is a grassroots organization based in Vermont and New Hampshire and dedicated to organizing everyday people to make their voices heard and win real change for their communities.

Quick Facts about Rights & Democracy:

  • Founded in 2015 in Vermont, and after quick successes, opened up a New Hampshire office in November 2015.
  • One of the fastest growing grassroots organizations in the region with hundreds of members and thousands of supporters.
  • Has over 50 founding advisors including Jerry Greenfield (founder of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream) and Bill McKibben (founder of
  • Played a leading role in the effort to win paid sick days, automatic voter registration and election day voter registration laws in Vermont.
  • Top goals for Rights & Democracy in New Hampshire and Vermont include raising the minimum wage $15/hour, pushing forward towards universal healthcare, pushing for the creation of green jobs to expand clean energy and clean water systems.