Rights & Democracy Announces Preliminary Endorsements at Packed VT Political Revolution Party


For info: James Haslam, Executive Director (802.272.0882 or james@radvt.org)

(South Burlington)–A large crowd of attendees at Rights and Democracy’s VT Political Revolution Party this Thursday evening danced to musical acts including Dwight & Nicole, Myra Flynn, Chad Hollister, Craig Mitchell, The Wee Folkestra and Radio Underground to celebrate the launch of the Vermont Political Revolution Fund. This political action committee will serve as an electoral arm of Rights & Democracy, and will allow the organization to endorse and support candidates chosen by its leadership committee for state and local elections.

“Rights & Democracy is committed to bringing the energy from Senator Bernie Sanders’ ‘political revolution’ home by by pushing for that kind of bold agenda here in Vermont,” said Michelle Salvador, chair of Rights & Democracy. “There is an enormous amount of support to move forward in Vermont with an agenda that includes things like, fair taxation, raising the minimum wage, move forward with universal healthcare and taking bold action on protecting our environment and planet.”

Joining the VT Political Revolution Party were special guest speakers Ben Cohen, Jerry Greenfield and Carina Driscoll (Bernie Sanders’ daughter). In between musical acts, Rights & Democracy staff, members, and leaders announced its preliminary endorsements for statewide and local offices. These endorsements included Matt Dunne for Governor and David Zuckerman for Lieutenant Governor.

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of Rights & Democracy, an inspirational grassroots organization fighting for the same progressive policies our campaign is about: a $15 minimum wage, universal healthcare and addressing the serious problem of climate change” said Matt Dunne, Democratic candidate for Governor. “Together, we can make this shared vision a reality.”

Lt. Gov. Candidate David Zuckerman said, “Vermonters, and working families across the country, are struggling. My campaign, leadership style, and vision focuses on addressing the fundamental factors impacting economic well-being. We must establish a $15 minimum wage. Every person deserves healthcare as a right from birth until death. We need a universal system that includes everyone. Vermont was close to leading on this, and I will continue to push for this as I have for the last 20 years. Vermonters face a severe shortage of affordable housing and this is vital for stable and economically secure families. If we can create an economy that provides a decent minimum wage, universal health care, and affordable housing, Vermont families will be vastly better off, their children will have the security they need to excel, and our communities will flourish.”

Candidates endorsed are as follows:

Statewide office

Matt Dunne (Governor)

David Zuckerman (Lieutenant Governor)

TJ Donovan (Attorney General)


Debbie Ingram (Chittenden)

Chris Pearson (Chittenden)

Anthony Pollina (Washington)

House of Representatives

Jill Charbonneau (ADD-1)

Diane Lanpher (ADD-3)

Mari Cordes (ADD-4)

Rachael Fields (BENN-2-1)

Kiah Morris (BEN-2-2)

Steve Berry (BEN-4)

Selene Colburne (CHI-6-4)

Brian Cina (CHI-6-4)

Chip Troiano (CAL-2)

Scott Campbell (CAL-3)

Steve May (CHI-1)

Mary Sullivan (CHI-6-5

Diana Gonzalez (CHI-6-7)

Robert Millar (CHI-6-7)

Betsy Dunn (CHI-8-1)

Mike McCarthy (FRA-3-1)

Cindy Weed (FRA-7)

Cheri Goldstein (LAM-WAS)

Susan Hatch-Davis (ORA-1)

Katherine Sims (ORA-LAM)

Jeremy Hanson (WAS-1)

Dottye Ricks (WAS-2)

Carl Etnier (WAS-5)

Tom Stevens (WAS-CHI)

John Moran (WDH-BEN)

Nick Clark (WDR-ORA-2)

Dave Hinckley (WDR-3-2)

Ashley Andreas (WDR-4-2)