RAD Denounces Threats to Organizing for Safe and Inclusive Schools


Mia Schultz: mia@radvt.org | 520.221.0836
Maggie Cawley: maggie@radvt.org | 802.683.8324

Attacks on efforts to advance equity in Vermont’s public schools perpetuate harm to students and undermine the vision for a truly inclusive, participatory democracy.

RANDOLPH, VT – Organizers in Randolph, who are members of the bistate grassroots organization Rights & Democracy (RAD) have received threats in the lead-up to a meeting focused on advancing equity in local schools. A right-wing sect of area residents who are promoting a transphobic agenda threatened to show up to an upcoming meeting and retaliate against local organizers. In particular, they have targeted a woman of color who works in equity and is spearheading organizing efforts for safe and inclusive schools in Orange County.

RAD responds to these attacks as follows:

As an organization committed to advancing human rights and a truly just and participatory multiracial democracy in Vermont, New Hampshire, and beyond, RAD strongly denounces the ongoing threats and attacks aimed at undermining the work to build a better, safer future for all youth and our communities. The most recent incidents in Randolph follow months of turmoil that have perpetuated harm for trans students, students of color, and the LGBTQIA+ community more broadly throughout the region. These attacks now intend to silence and intimidate those working to protect students and create safe, inclusive schools. 

In the face of national right-wing efforts to shut down teaching around equity in public schools, RAD is committed to overcoming the spread of hate, fear, and division in our rural Vermont communities so that we can build public schools that lift our communities up and a democracy that works for all of us. RAD urges allies, supporters and impacted groups to join the effort to counter these attacks and advance safe, inclusive schools for all. People who wish to get involved can add their name here.


Rights & Democracy is a member-led, grassroots organization working in New Hampshire and Vermont. Our mission is to shift the political landscape through electoral and community organizing to ensure that the values and needs of our communities guide the policies of our government. We are doing this by building a popular movement to advance human rights; dismantle economic inequality, racism, and sexism; and build a real democracy.