RAD 2021 Town Meeting Day Wins


We had an incredible slate of wins yesterday, including two RAD board members, Jo Sabel Courtney and Barbara Wilson, as well as RAD member leaders and supporters across Vermont.

We are also thrilled that following two strong ballot campaigns, Burlington residents voted yes for Just Cause Eviction and Ranked Choice Voting, paving the way to protect tenants from unfair evictions and ensure fairer, more democratic elections! This is what building a movement looks like and we are so proud to be doing it with all of you.

To all of our RAD-endorsed candidates: regardless of the final vote count, we congratulate you for races well-run and thank you for the time and energy you put into these critical local campaigns and for your ongoing leadership in this movement. Thank you, too, to all of you who dedicated so many hours of time to elect local movement leaders and pass ballot measures to advance a just future.

And now the moment you have all been waiting for! Please meet the latest round of RAD-endorsed movement champions who won their races on Town Meeting Day:

Barbara Wilson, School Board, Addison Central School District
Esther Thomas, Middlebury Select Board

Tom Haley, Bennington Select Board

Perri Freeman, Burlington City Council, Central District
Jack Hanson, Burlington City Council, East District
Tracey Delphia, Essex Select Board

Brenda Churchill, Bakersfield Select Board

Jo Sabel Courtney, Stowe Select Board

Robin Chesnut-Tangerman, Middletown Springs Select Board
Maria French, School Board, Mill River Unified Union School District
Samantha Green, School Board, Mill River Unified Union School District

Teddy Waszazak, Barre City Council, Ward 2

Julia Dalphin, Hartford Select Board (not pictured)
Rachel S. Edens, Hartford Select Board
Ally Tufenkjian, Hartford Select Board

We celebrate the winners and look forward to continuing to build this movement with all of you!