It’s Time to Veto Phil Scott


Today, Vermont Governor Phil Scott vetoed bills to raise the minimum wage (S.40) and establish paid family leave (H.196). While not surprising, his actions will have a profound impact on tens of thousands of working Vermonters and their families.

With these vetoes, Gov. Phil Scott made it clear he does not represent the interests of working families in Vermont, and is more interested in maintaining an economy that benefits the wealthy few while increasingly leaving tens of thousands of us behind,” said James Haslam, Executive Director for Rights & Democracy, a community-based membership group that strongly supported both bills.

“It would be generous to say that Governor Scott is simply out of touch with the everyday struggles of families in today’s economy. The fact is, he is simply more interested in representing powerful corporate lobbying interests than he is the working folks he claims to care about. If we are going to have a state where everyone can thrive, Vermont will need to veto Phil Scott and elect someone who has not been bought and sold by Wall Street and the likes of Koch Brothers. Vermont can no longer afford Gov. Phil Scott.”