RAD Endorses Candidates in 2020 Gubernatorial and State Legislative Races


Members of Rights & Democracy (RAD) have voted to endorse a slate of 84 total candidates in the 2020 New Hampshire Gubernatorial, State Representative, State Senate, County Commissioner, and Executive Council races.

The endorsements were announced at Tuesday night’s launch of Renew New England, a platform put forth by a coalition of racial justice groups, labor unions, and other grassroots organizations, including RAD, to fight for racial equity, a just recovery, and green economy by building new and bold political leadership. Keynote speakers included Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT), Rep. Ayanna Pressley (MA), Rep. Ro Khanna (CA), and Varshini Prakash of the Sunrise Movement.

You can watch a recording of the launch here.

To be considered for an endorsement, candidates completed questionnaires in which they outlined their platforms and how they align RAD’s values and vision. In addition to working for key issues such as raising the minimum wage, workers’ rights, universal health care, and racial equity, this year’s endorsed candidates have joined RAD in its vision to rebuild and renew New Hampshire by:

  1. developing thriving, equitable and sustainable local economies that center the priorities of workers and frontline communities and create good-paying, unionized jobs;
  2. building a zero-carbon energy sector by 2030 and zero-carbon building and transportation sectors by 2040
  3. enacting reforms that make our government more inclusive of and accountable to the communities it serves.

This thorough and transparent endorsement process is a key component in RAD’s Movement Politics work – training and supporting members to run for office, and building political power at every level of government. In 2018, 21 of our 31 endorsed candidates won their races.

“If we want to live in a world where racial equality, social justice and ending climate change are a priority, we must influence policy and legislation. This is done through electing officials who also recognize and support the importance of our platform.” said Sharlene Labore, RAD Board Co-Chair.

At the launch, Rights & Democracy also announced the hire of Asma Elhuni as their first Movement Politics Director in New Hampshire. Formerly of RISE Upper Valley, Asma has been a force throughout New Hampshire, organizing tirelessly around issues of immigration, racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, state sanctioned violence, and economic justice. 

For the 2020 elections in New Hampshire, RAD endorses the following candidates:

Andru Volinsky

Executive Council
Mindi Messmer, District 3
Deb Pignatelli, District 5*

County Commissioner
Julie Radhakrishnan, Hillsborough District 3*

State Senate
Jenn Alford-Teaster, District 8*

State Representatives:
Alejandro Urrutia, Hillsborough 37
Allison Nutting-Wong, Hillsborough 32
Amanda Gourgue, Strafford 25
Ariel Oxaal, Strafford 15 
Art Ellison, Merrimack 27
Bonnie Wright, Rockingham 8*
Brian Sullivan, Sullivan 1
Candace Moulton, Hillsborough 44*
Cam Kenney, Strafford 6
Carlos Cardona, Belknap 3
Carrie Duran, Carroll 6
Casey Conley, Strafford 13
Catherine Sofikitis, Hillsborough 34
Christine Seibert, Hillsborough 8
Christopher Allan Roberge, Coos 2
Chuck Grassie, Strafford 11
Claudia Istel, Sullivan 7
Connie Van Houten, Hillsborough 45 (Manchester wards 10, 11, 12)
Diane Hanley, Belknap 2
Dick Ames, Cheshire 9
Donna V Ackerman, Carroll 5
Donna Loranger, Rockingham 8
Efstathia Booras, Hillsborough 33
Elizabeth Crooker, Hillsborough 25
Ellen Read, Rockingham 17*
Emmanuel Krasner, Strafford 2*
Fran Nutter-Upham, Hillsborough 33
Francesca Diggs, Grafton 16
Gerri Cannon, Strafford 18*
Heidi Hamer, Hillsborough 17*
Jan Schmidt, Hillsborough 28*
Jeremiah Minihan, Strafford 24
Jim Bosman, Hillsborough 38*
Joe Schapiro, Cheshire 16
Joshua Adjutant, Grafton 17
Joshua Query, Hillsborough 16
Katherine Rogers, Merrimack 28
Kris Schultz, Merrimack 18
Laura Lynch, Hillsborough 25*
Lawrence Welkowitz, Cheshire 4
Lee W. Oxenham, Sullivan 1
Liza Draper, Sullivan 5 
Lucius Parshall, Cheshire 10
Manny Espitia, Hillsborough 31
Marcella Termini, Hillsborough 43
Marcus Ponce de Leon, Hillsborough 12
Marjorie Smith, Strafford 6
Mark King, Hillsborough 33*
Matt Wilhelm, Hillsborough 42
Matthew J Murphy, Merrimack 26
Melbourne Moran Jr., Hillsborough 34
Michelle Sawyer Moge, Rockingham 6
Natalie Taylor, Belknap 2
Natalie Quevedo, Cheshire 13
Nicole Klein Knight, Hillsborough 11
Nikki Fordey, Hillsborough 20
Patricia A Martin, Cheshire 11*
Patricia Klee, Hillsborough 30
Patrick Long, Hillsborough 10
Rebecca McWilliams, Merrimack 27
Christy D Bartlett, Merrimack 19
Renny Cushing, Rockingham 21
Robin Vogt, Rockingham 25
Safiya Wazir, Merrimack 17 
Sallie Fellows, Grafton 8*
Sara Dillingham, Rockingham 8
Sheena Duncan, Merrimack 3
Sherry Frost, Strafford 16
Sparky Von Plinsky, Cheshire 7*
Stephanie Hyland, Hillsborough 38
Steven Katsos, Hillsborough 37
Susan Ticehurst, Carroll 3
Suzanne Vail, Hillsborough 30 
Tim Josephson, Grafton 11
Timothy Horrigan, Strafford 6
Timothy Smith, Hillsborough 17*
Tony Labranche, Hillsborough 22
Wendy Thomas, Hillsborough 21

* indicates the candidate received an early endorsement. To qualify for an early endorsement from RAD, candidates must meet at least one of the following criteria: 1.) a current member of RAD, 2.) previously endorsed by RAD for the same office; or 3.) worked closely with RAD and RAD’s vision while in office.