Support Education Justice in Vermont!


All of our Vermont youth deserve culturally responsive and fact-based curricula, equitable access to educational resources, and a safe and supportive school environment — but we have a long way to go.

That’s why we are joining partners across Vermont to push for the state and district changes that advance education justice in our state.

As powerful interests seek to silence critical dialogue and sow division among our communities, we know we must shift the narrative, support local leaders in pushing back against harmful proposals, and deepen institutional commitments to truth, equity and justice in our schools.

We envision a future in which:

  • All students have access to an honest, inclusive, culturally-responsive and high-quality education.
  • All¬†students can feel safe in school and are not criminalized in their educational environment.
  • All public schools have the resources to hire and retain enough educators and fully support the needs of all students.
  • Vermont’s public schools are one thriving part of a just, multiracial democracy that works for everyone.

Will you join us in fighting for this vision? Add your name below!