Presence and power


Natasha, Juliette, Bernie, and Mia at the Capitol! 

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NBC-5 spoke directly with some of our leaders at the Capitol about representing Vermont and their overall experience being present for the SCOTUS confirmation hearings.

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RAD leaders Saudia LaMont and Angela Lawrence were interviewed by VPR on their experience inside the Senate chamber during the hearings.

Our March Congressional Forum was a smashing success! Read the coverage in VT Digger.

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Kiah led the crowd in song in front of the steps of the Supreme Court, drowning out counter-protesters and lifting up spirits, as seen on RAD Instagram.

Check out the full recording of the Green Justice Zones Forum on RAD YouTube!

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Sunday, April 10th, 1:00-3:00pm
Race Class Academy, (4 part series) RSVP

March was a huge month for Rights & Democracy, one of immense presence and power.  Two weeks ago, I was in DC to stand alongside 10 powerful RAD leaders and Black women-led progressive organizations from across the country in support of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson at the Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

Our presence at this historic moment had resonance on a national scale. Although our work is grounded in the local issues affecting us across Vermont and New Hampshire, it isn’t done in a vacuum. Our time spent in DC connecting with our national partners, elected officials, coalitions, and movement leaders was a crucial reminder of our shared solidarity.

Rights & Democracy is on the frontlines of the struggles for rights and justice, and fighting for a representative Supreme Court is core to our work of building a multiracial democracy in which we all can flourish. Looking into April, we’re continuing this work in our Race Class Academy series, taking place over four upcoming sessions. To gain true collective liberation, we need to shift the narrative towards truth and equity. 

By sustaining our work financially, you make it possible for us to continue training new leaders and bringing underrepresented voices into decision-making spaces to build our collective power, from Vermont and New Hampshire, to DC and beyond.

Thank you as always for your support and commitment to our movement.

In solidarity,


Race Class Academy starts in 4 days! The first of the four part series begins this Sunday, April 10th. Our series is open to anyone who wants to better understand the importance of using race-class messaging as a strategy to overcome efforts to divide us, change the narrative and win the changes that benefit us all.

With so much at stake for our communities, this is a highly recommended series for all leaders, organizers and people considering running for office! RSVP today.

Join us for an exciting new Powerbuilders training facilitated by Rights & Democracy staff and members with experience launching direct action across a variety of campaigns and locales – from the steps of our State House to the streets of Washington DC.

Learn why direct action is so important as a way of challenging unjust power dynamics and achieving social change; and elements of tone, timing, location and messaging that make for a “good” action.

Register today for the the training on the 18th!