RAD 2022 VT Town Meeting Day Wins


Yesterday’s 2022 Vermont Town Meeting Day elections brought exciting results, with 18 RAD-endorsed candidates winning their races!

Winners included RAD Board member Tom Haley; members of our sister organization Rights & Democracy Institute’s (RDI) Board, Jamie McCallum and Natasha Eckart Baning; former RAD staff organizer Liz Filskov; and two members of the first RDI Catalyst Leadership cohort, Reier Erickson and Martha Cornwell.

We are revitalized by the knowledge that so many local movement leaders who are committed to the fights for equity in our schools and just communities for all Vermonters will be taking seats this year on school boards and select boards around the state.

To all of our endorsed candidates: regardless of the final vote count, congratulations on races well-run and thank you for your courage, time and energy in stepping up to run for office, as well as your much-needed ongoing leadership in this movement. We look forward to our continued work together. We also appreciate all of you who committed your time to getting out the vote for these movement candidates!

And now, meet the full list of 2022 Town Meeting Day RAD-endorsed winners:

Joanna Doria, Addison Central School Board
Jamie McCallum, Addison Central School Board
Esther Thomas, Middlebury Select Board
Tom Haley, Bennington Select Board
Martha Cornwell, Shaftsbury Select Board
Zoraya Hightower, Burlington City Council, Ward 1
Gene Bergman, Burlington City Council, Ward 2
Joe Magee, Burlington City Council, Ward 3
Ali House, Burlington City Council Ward 8
Monika Ivancic, Burlington School Board, Ward 7
Reier Erickson, Maple Run School Board
Anna Tadio, Rutland City Board of Aldermen
Michael Talbott, Rutland City Board of Aldermen
Liz Filskov, Mill River Union School Board
Mary Krueger, Springfield School Board
Conor Casey, Montpelier City Council, District 2
Jennifer Morton, Montpelier City Council, District 3
Natasha Eckart Baning, Town of Worcester School Director, Washington Central Unified Union School District

Please join us in celebrating and congratulating these movement leaders, as we look forward to continuing to grow this movement together in the coming year!