2022 Legislative Update, Week of April 25th


Last week, we were happy to see more positive outcomes for RAD priority bills!

These included a Senate vote to pass TWO RAD-supported bills related to healthcare and criminal justice reform. See Highlights from Last Week below for a more in-depth look at last week’s movement on RAD priority bills.

Let’s keep up the momentum as the 2022 session nears its end!

This coming week, there are opportunities to speak up on four priority bills before they come to a vote. See Top Actions this Week below to learn what you can do.

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Until next week, and in solidarity,

David Bates
Sebastian Fuentes
Ed Taylor, NH State Director, Rights & Democracy

[highlight style=”gray”]CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM[/highlight]

On Thursday, April 28th, the Senate will hold floor votes on two RAD priority bills. Please contact your Senator and tell them that you:

Support HB 1296, providing safeguards and due process protections for property seized by the police in connection with a drug offense.

Oppose HB 1476, which undoes the bail reform protections passed in New Hampshire four years ago to protect low-income people from being imprisoned after arrest simply because they cannot afford bail.

[highlight style=”gray”]HEALTHCARE ACCESS[/highlight]

This week, the House Finance Committee will vote on two RAD-supported bills that would strengthen and expand NH Medicaid coverage. Contact committee members prior to these votes to let them know that you want to see these bills pass!

Support SB 422, expanding dental coverage for low-income adults in NH through the Medicaid program. Committee vote scheduled for Tuesday, April 26th.

Support SB 407, expanding Medicaid to include certain postpartum health care services to provide 12 months of coverage for new mothers. Committee vote scheduled for Wednesday, April 27th.

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  • The Senate passed RAD-supported bills HB 1622, which will tighten requirements for insurer networks to include mental health treatment providers, and HB 1493, which will provide more transparency and accountability when police seize property and assets for deposit in the drug forfeiture fund. Both bills will now go to the Governor.
  • The Senate defeated RAD-opposed bill HB 1379, which would have limited the authority of the Department of Health and Human Services to require that NH children be vaccinated against contagious diseases.
  • The House voted to pass RAD supported SB 279establishing a study committee on harm reduction and overdose prevention programs.

Tips for Testifying

In person: Go early to the room assigned for the committee hearing. There will be a form for you to sign your name and who you are representing. You may sign in as yourself if you are not representing an organization. The higher your name is on the list,  the earlier you get to speak. You will be called on when they open the hearing to the public.

Online: If you cannot attend a hearing in person, you can register your position online up to a week out. (Registration is cut off 30 minutes before a hearing.) After signing in support of a bill, the confirmation page will list the email address where you can submit written testimony. Email committee members to let them know why you support or oppose a bill.

Helpful Links


  • Register your position and/or submit testimony on a Senate bill here.
  • Find the Senate Calendar here (meeting links are in the Calendar Notice pdf).
  • Find your Senator here.


  • Register your position and/or submit testimony on a House bill here.
  • Find the House Calendar here.
  • Find your Representative(s) here.

Don’t know your district? Use this map.