2022 Legislative Update, Week of April 11th


This week, a RAD-supported healthcare bill PASSED in the House! See Highlights from Last Week below for more information.

In the coming week, THREE priority healthcare bills will be heard, in the House Health and Senate Health Committees.

The Senate will hold floor votes on TWO RAD priority bills relating to immigration justice and reproductive justice.

See Top Actions this Week to learn how you can speak up on these bills!

See Rights & Democracy’s 2022 NH legislative priorities

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Until next week, and in solidarity,

David Bates
Sebastian Fuentes
Ed Taylor, NH State Director, Rights & Democracy

Sign in to register your support or opposition on RAD priority bills, contact your legislators, and/or testify in writing and in person if you can!


Support SB 407: On Tuesday, April 12th, the House Health Committee will hold a public hearing on SB 407, which expands post-partum coverage for low-income women so that they have continuous health coverage for a full year after giving birth, including for mental health and substance abuse treatment. Sign in to support the bill here, and/or testify in person in Room 205-207 of the Legislative Office Building at 3:15pm.

Support HB1622-FN: On Thursday, April 14th, the Senate Health Committee will hold a public hearing on HB 1622, which tightens requirements for insurer networks to include mental health treatment providers. Sign in to support the bill here, and/or testify in person in Representatives Hall at 11:30am.


Oppose HB 1379: On Wednesday, April 13th, the Senate Health Committee will hold a public hearing on HB 1379, which limits the authority of the Department of Health and Human Services to require that NH children be vaccinated against contagious diseases. Sign in to oppose the bill here, and/or testify in person in State House Room 100 at 9:10am.


On Thursday April 14th, the Senate will hold floor votes on two RAD priority bills related to immigration and reproductive justice. Please contact your Senator and tell them that you:

Support HB 579, requiring notice to the public before immigration checkpoints are conducted.

Support HB 1673, which would alter the mandatory ultrasound requirement included in the third trimester abortion ban passed by Republicans last year. HB 1673 narrows the situations within which an ultrasound to establish gestational age would be mandatory to those within which the health provider knows or has substantial reason to believe the gestational age of the fetus is 24 weeks or more.


Support HB 1066: On Tuesday, April 12th, the Senate Science Committee will hold a public hearing on HB 1066, which creates a commission to investigate and analyze the environmental and human and animal health impacts relating to cyanobacteria blooms in New Hampshire water bodies. Sign in to support the bill here, and/or testify in person in State House Room 103 at 9:45am.

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On Thursday April 7th, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a public hearing on RAD-supported bill HB 1673, which would narrow the scope of the invasive mandatory ultrasound requirement in last year’s harmful abortion ban. After taking public testimony, the committee immediately voted to recommend passage of the bill, which is now up for a Senate floor vote this week! 

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Tips for Testifying

In person: Go early to the room assigned for the committee hearing early. There will be a form for you to sign your name and who you are representing. You may sign in as yourself if you are not representing an organization. The higher your name is on the list,  the earlier you get to speak. You will be called on when they open the hearing to the public.

Online: If you cannot attend a hearing in person, you can register your position online up to a week out. (Registration is cut off 30 minutes before a hearing.) After signing in support of a bill, the confirmation page will list the email address where you can submit written testimony. Email committee members to let them know why you support or oppose a bill.

Helpful Links


  • Register your position and/or submit testimony on a Senate bill here.
  • Find the Senate Calendar here (meeting links are in the Calendar Notice pdf).
  • Find your Senator here.


  • Register your position and/or submit testimony on a House bill here.
  • Find the House Calendar here.
  • Find your Representative(s) here.

Don’t know your district? Use this map.