The August Newsletter

RAD endorsed candidate for State Rep. NH-25 Ward 1 Robin Vogt attended our rally or extending unemployment insurance and a People’s Bailout on the New Hampshire seacoast.

RAD Leaders in Action

In Vermont, RAD Board Member Mia Schultz led the charge to get a fully funded, full-time Equity Director position with the Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union established in Bennington!
We also experienced huge member turnout in our latest endorsement vote in New Hampshire – when any of our members participate in our voting process, they’re part of the journey to elect progressive candidates into office. Become a part of the process if you aren’t already as a sustaining member today.

As we enter August, we’re feeling temperatures rise across the country and right here in our home states. The pressure is on for our communities to tackle the many crises we all face, and acknowledge the interconnectedness we all share.

We’re watching in real time as our elections are under attack, our rights are being stripped, and true democracy feels like a faint memory under the authoritarian rule of our current administration. Every day is tough, that can’t be denied – and yet, we’re finding hope. At Rights & Democracy, we’re directing our energy towards the upcoming elections taking place right around the corner.

We see hope in every candidate our members have endorsed ahead of the New Hampshire and Vermont primaries. We find hope in the hearts of our members who show up ready to do the work to fight for all of our rights. We feel it in the voice of every voter we help register for the first time. All around us, we can feel hope in the everyday interactions we all experience in our communities.

Rights & Democracy is committed to electing actual champions to office – not just holding candidates accountable. We understand that lasting change comes from the ground up, and we’re looking to bring about greater equity and justice for both New Hampshire and Vermont through the ballot, among many other means.

Our endorsements are determined entirely by our members and member leaders. For those of you who have voted; thank you. You are what makes this movement possible. If you’ve been looking to get involved with Rights & Democracy in a more impactful way, we invite you to become a part of one of the largest and fastest growing progressive organizations in our states as a sustaining member today.

It’s a privilege to be doing this work alongside you all. Take the heat we’re all experiencing in this last month of summer and harness it towards resounding action this fall.

With hope,

Asma Elhuni, NH Movement Politics Director

In the Media

We hosted town halls in both states centered on the issue of unemployment insurance. Both the Vermont and New Hampshire town halls were featured on Crisis Town Halls as part of the Town Hall project, dedicated to connecting communities virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic. Are you currently unemployed? Share your experience and get involved with RAD by filling out this form.
How do you win the hearts and minds of voters in the middle of a deadly pandemic? Rights & Democracy tackled that question head on with a massive deep canvassing project base in New Hampshire. This article from Rolling Stone is a great exploration into this very project.
Vermont is currently at the edge of a massive bi-partisan opportunity to lead the way in tackling systemic racism on a state-wide level, as originally urged by former State Rep and current RAD VT Movement Politics Director Kiah Morris.


We took to the streets in front of the offices of our NH Senators by the seacoast in support of a People’s Bailout.
Our Executive Council forum for District 2 had attendance from members across all of southern NH!



We have incredible news for New Hampshire; the Granite Bridge Pipeline has been officially stopped! For years, our allies 350 NH led the charge to eradicate the deeply flawed project from Liberty Utilities for years, and this is a triumphant achievement to celebrate as the Renew Alliance prepares to take on new fights for sustainable energy and clean jobs. Follow along with 350 NH and check out their work. So far, all of our endorsed candidates have signed on Renew’s policy platform, pledging to lead the way to sustainable futures and clean economies in both states. Click here for Vermont’s full list of endorsed candidates, and here for New Hampshire’s full list. Sign up today to get involved with RAD and Renew New England.


You can now vote absentee in both states due to the complications of the pandemic. If you haven’t already, check your registration status and request your ballot! For Vermonters, you should request your ballot today since the primary is just around the corner on August 11th. In New Hampshire, you have time ahead of the September 8th primary, but don’t delay on requesting your absentee ballot. You can also use this helpful guide by the ACLU NH for checking your registration in New Hampshire and request an absentee ballot.


As you might have seen across all of our social media channels, we’re fighting hard for a People’s Bailout. It’s no secret that our last stimulus package failed to support a vast majority of workers and families across America, all while funneling huge amounts of money to the wealthy few. We went live from the Vermont State House lawn and were featured in this video from our national partners People’s Action putting the pressure on our legislators to release a People’s Bailout that would actually protect the most vulnerable in our country during this pandemic.


Sullivan County Leaders Matt Mooshian, Sam Killay, and Josh Lambert formed a sub committee to work specifically on helping our endorsed candidates and to start building a strong RAD electoral plan for next year’s local municipal elections. UV RAD member Ashley Andreas hosted a phonebank for Brenda Siegel, the candidate for Lt. Governor in Vermont, and that group made over 900 calls!

The formerly titled Monadnock Progressive Alliance is now Monadnock Rights & Democracy! Our outstanding leaders in the Monadnock region have always been affiliated with Rights & Democracy, and this change in title signifies the close ties Rights & Democracy shares with our members in the Monadnock region. Monadnock Regional Organizer Heather Stockwell is helping start a SURJ (Showing Up For Racial Justice) Chapter in the region; for those interested in getting involved, fill out this form.


This month we’re recommending the podcast Weekends with Ana Kasparian and the late Michael Brooks. This particular episode touches on some topics at the heart of RAD’s work: on deep canvassing and rural organizing, collective liberation, why organizing workers and the unemployed is so critical, student organizing to build the next generation of committed organizers, building in most impacted working class communities, the important lessons of the strengths and limitations of Bernie’s campaign, and ultimately the need for a labor movement to counteract the power of capital.

May Michael rest in peace and power.