Food Justice

A healthy, participatory food system that centers racial equity

We are working to advance a food system that is by and for our communities.

This includes winning changes that ensure social and racial equity in land access, center ecologically sound farming practices, support small farmers, strengthen labor standards and protections, and guarantee access to nutritious food for all.


Universal School Meals

In 2022, we were part of winning Universal School Meals legislation to guarantee free breakfast and lunch at school for all Vermont public school students through the 2022-2023 school year, with a preference for supporting local farms as suppliers to schools. Now, we are organizing to make this policy permanent!

BIPOC Land Access

We support legislation to build social and racial equity in land access and property ownership, by targeting investments to Vermonters from communities historically impacted by discrimination.

To learn more about past and ongoing work for BIPOC land access and a regenerative economy, watch the Traverse Episode 6: Vermont Thrives, from our sister organization Rights & Democracy Institute.